Grace Prosser Bluebell spirit

You have now entered the Venus Rose! Read more about me + my offerings below!

Welcome, my name is Grace Prosser

An intuitive spiritual teacher, Magdalene womb healer & channeled meditation practitioner to those of you who are opening up to the powerful spiritual leadership within and igniting your inner light. For Heath, Wealth, Love + Passion for Life.

Unapologetically step into your higher power. Expand your unique gifts + activate your connection with the divine.

I support you with tapping into your own unique power, spiritual practice + igniting the divine source that lives within you.

Taking you on a journey of self recognition + healing that creatively intertwines your soul with the mysteries and wisdom of the universe.

I provide the pathway to unlocking your own soul knowing that provides space for expression + expansion to rise deeply yet sweetly into existence.

Finally become empowered with your own rightful inner power + step into a life of wellness + abundance that not only serves your soul's desires but inspires you to sprinkle your passion into every person you meet.

I offer a number of 1-2-1 + group sessions + workshops online + face to face. You can check them out below

If you have any questions about my offerings please reach out!