Grace Prosser Bluebell spirit

You have now entered the Venus Rose! Read more about me + my offerings below!

Welcome, my name is Grace Prosser

An intuitive spiritual coach, Magdalene womb healer & channeled meditation practitioner to those of you who are opening up to the powerful spiritual leadership within and igniting your inner light. For Heath, Wealth, Love + Passion for Life.

Unapologetically step into your higher power. Expand your unique gifts + activate your connection with the divine.

I support you with tapping into your own unique power, spiritual practice + igniting the divine source that lives within you.

Taking you on a journey of self recognition + healing that creatively intertwines your soul with the mysteries and wisdom of the universe.

I provide the pathway to unlocking your own soul knowing that provides space for expression + expansion to rise deeply yet sweetly into existence.

Finally become empowered with your own rightful inner power + step into a life of wellness + abundance that not only serves your soul's desires but inspires you to sprinkle your passion into every person you meet.

The Mystic Within Spiritual growth + self love course

This course has been designed + developed over the years to help you to lean into + open the map of your own unique soul blueprint. The map of your own creation here on earth,the map that most of us have been taught is too far out of reach.

The mystic within envelopes you with nourishment,stability,guidance and helps you understand develop and most importantly love your own inner mystic essence.

This course gives you permission to tap into + magnify that inner beauty of the mystic vibration within you.So you are able to unravel hidden wisdom + knowledge. Increasing self love,worthiness,confidence + your ability to upgrade your soul essence.

I offer a number of 1-2-1 + group sessions + workshops online + face to face. You can check them out below

If you have any questions about my offerings please reach out!