Be present Now

Be present Now

Hi everyone,

I am going to keep this one pretty short and sweet.

The text below is something I wrote out and posted on instagram on the 4th June 2021 after reading part of a book called Atomic Habits by James Clear. To my surprise it got a lot of feedback. I was not aware of how many people felt the words I wrote.

So I have decided to write it on here with a little tweak as a reminder for anyone who lands on this page and who is feeling this way to know you are not alone.

Please do re-visit and re-read this when ever you need this reminder.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

Be present now
I learnt that focusing on a goal or an outcome just steals my happiness and joy.
It steals life and moments and relationships and pleasure and time and love from this one life i know i have right now.
In a flash 6 months has past me by and because the focus is so driven by the end goal - life vanishes.
What did i do with that time?
I am learning to be happy with my own unique system.
My system that serves me well.
To do less and do less well.
That way i get time, freedom, space love, pleasure and space to heal, trust, make new commitments, create new things, sing, dance, visit nature and create new relationships.
Doing all the time doesn't mean I will reach a goal quicker.
It's been hard to re-program and become more mentally and physically organised and I am still in that transition phase now.
I am not sure about you but i love growth and growth for me never stops, when one transition becomes part of life another transition is taking place or about to.
That is the beauty of life and living it and learning to move with it in acceptance.
I realised that my goal is what is set - that won't ever change- its there.
I focus more on the now and the system of what makes me happy to get what needs to be done, done.And like the book says "the score takes care of itself."
Just focusing on a goal and then reaching it may give short term validation and a nice pay cheque. But that is temporary happiness. That doesn't last.
So enjoy daily pleasures without worrying if thats the thing that will help you reach your goal you have! 
Get out of your own way!
Enjoy life and don't be afraid to let new things or people into your life in case you fall off balance and lose grip of your goals because sometimes becoming unbalanced is what we actually need to balance.
You and I, we deserve to live life having dreams...
Have dreams come true...
But life is so much more than chasing goals.
Don't waste your life.
Be present.
Every second of it.
Love Grace 


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