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Mary Magdalene training and retreat part 1

Hey all and welcome to this blog!

I have been called to share a little bit about my experience down in Glastonbury in my Mary magdalene training and retreat so here goes...

Most importantly I am so delighted to be a keeper of the womb and a Magdalene channel. Being able to share knowledge, ancient wisdom and healing with you whilst creating a sacred ceremonial experience you will never forget brings me the most joy.

As i have walked the path of Mary magdalene and womb healing i have found a true deeper calling. I had not set out to be practicing this type of healing. I had not logically planned to add this to a check-list of things to do to enhance my skill set. Nor was it something i thought i would want to guide others with. This was a deep personal connection and calling. My heart and soul was always longing for me to fulfil this part of my journey and life's purpose.

I was always practicing this type of healing but i was unaware until i was divinely guided to become a womb healer with an inner knowing that my soul could just not avoid. So it is in complete trust, authenticity and full feminine power that i now guide other women back home to themselves.

As i deepen my journey towards womb healing and Mary Magdalene teachings parts of myself light back up, parts of my soul that have been kept in the shadows for many lifetimes. I know that was because i simply was not ready to understand and integrate them. I hadn't devoted myself to my divine feminine and therefore i could not unlock from within. 

I am very much still on an unlocking journey an i now know what i must do to continue with that process and this retreat has immensely helped me with that process.

My amazing spiritual teacher, womb mother and creator of the Magdalene Healing school Eloise Bennett, along with the other women i have met on the retreat have really helped bring this flame back to life in such a special and sacred way. 

My first trip to Glastonbury was in Autumn / Winter 2021 and so i knew this was going to be a powerful shredding, letting go and shadow work healing process and transformation.

The whole experience was simply fascinating. I felt as though i was in a mystery school learning life times of wisdom and ancient knowledge. 

The transmissions that Eloise guided us through i personally believe are very very important before stepping into the higher frequencies. She created a beautiful steady base for us to ascend upon as individuals and as a group. For me this way of teaching is authentic, safe and incredibly powerful.

For me personally at this stage in my life i was going through a letting go process of old patterns and romantic relationships that had been holding me back for so long. I know the womb space is so important to heal and connect to for when we are treading through them tough times so the retreat came at the most perfect time for me. 

One of the most powerful transmissions for me on this retreat was around the soul contracts i had signed. Contracts i had signed not only in this lifetime but in past lives. We cleared them and transmuted these contracts on a deep soulful spiritual level of the highest love and light codes. It was immensely powerful and can honestly say i felt an instant shift.

Only 3-4 months later my whole entire life shifted from that trapped, confused, held back, clogged up energy into a whole new vibration and i moved onto a whole new higher timeline. The situations and people that were present in holding me back from living on my highest timeline made there way out of my life leaving me with a sense of freedom i have never felt in my life before.

I learnt through those that we all hold the key to the doors of the rooms we have locked ourselves in for so long and we have the choice to open them, freedom is a choice and it is a state of mind and being. 

I also passed my level one training through this retreat and it has really helped me blossom in my own teachings too. Shortly after i channeled through the most powerful transmutation technique that i now use in my womb healing ceremonies. I have connected with ascending masters, sacred geometry and i have channeled through some of my most transformative spiritual work and ascension guides that you can access on my website.

I am truly grateful to have been part of such a wonderful group connection, healing process and divine ascension. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading a little bit about my first personal experience. 

Below are some of my favourite images from the times i have visited.

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