UNRAVEL ME - The Wombman i am becoming...

UNRAVEL ME - The Wombman i am becoming...

An intuitive spiritual coach, Magdalene womb healer & channeled meditation practitioner to those of you who are opening up to the powerful spiritual leadership within and igniting your inner light.

For Heath, Wealth, Love + Passion for Life. Unapologetically step into your higher power. Expand your unique gifts + activate your connection with the divine. I support you with tapping into your own unique power, spiritual practice + igniting the divine source that lives within you.

Taking you on a journey of self recognition + healing that creatively intertwines your soul with the mysteries and ancient wisdom of the universe.

I provide the pathway to unlocking your own soul knowing that provides space for expression + expansion to rise deeply yet sweetly into existence.

Finally become empowered with your own rightful inner power + step into a life of wellness + abundance that not only serves your soul's desires but inspires you to sprinkle your passion into every person you meet.

Grace Prosser

I have not always been in a divine connection with my true desires, my sexual embodiment, or in touch with my power portal - my womb. I have been on a deep and powerful journey of trauma healing. Healing sexual trauma, physical, mental and financial abuse. From leaning in to this disempowerment i have been able to learn, awaken, rise and inspire myself into becoming the best version of a wombman i can be in every moment.


The journey consciously began for me when i was 26 and i was visited by my three angel guides who started to teach me how to meditate and how to become connected with the divine. At the time i was living a life that was based on everything outside of myself. Over working, hiding away from my emotions and true desires of the life i longed and yearned to live. The life i deserved to live. 

After working in the sex industry on Babestation and then over working on my swimwear brand I had naturally numbed and cut myself off in a way of protecting myself. I was totally disconnected from my womb and divine feminine essence.I was disconnected from pleasure and what i thought passion and pleasure was. I was actually moving from a place of lack, seeking validation through money, over working, “rip your clothes off” sex and many different types of unhealthy relationships. 

The unhealthiest relationship i had was with myself. I was living from a place of shame, judgment, anger, anxiety, depression and addiction to toxicity.

Meditation saved my life and womb healing changed my life.

Grace Prosser

When The Rose of Life came to me i had no idea what she wanted me to do with her. I remember being in the forest and felt this instant connection. I decided i was going to be patient with her natural unfolding process.

COG4 movement came about whilst i was in a yoga class. I knew it was to do with the shift and the bridge between our human essence and the connection to our inner spiritual abilities to divine source connection. From that i developed a small meditation community which helps people connect via meditation and spiritual practice to their higher power.

That being said, I have been developing myself and slowly developing The Rose of Life and the thriving community she brings forward over the past four years. Just like me she has bloomed, changed, died, re-seeded and blossomed in new ways. She and i will continue to unapologetically do so.

My mission is to connect as many women back to their pleasure + power portal - their womb as possible.

In the reality i live in i get a chance to be an example of a woman who has authentically grown, evolved, healed trauma and blossomed sexually. I no longer have sexual exchange from a place filled with lust and high expectations.
I have amazing healthy, healing, honest and exciting relationships with both of my parents.
I have great inspiring friends and mentors.  I get to walk the path of  the life I have always dreamed of, taking each step as it comes and be unapologetically me as I do so.

I am a catalyst for other women to step out of fear and inspire them to embrace the Magdegoddess they came on earth to be.

I hope i may one day get to walk beside you on your unfolding journey.

To heal your womb means to heal your feminine from pain.

To heal your feminine means to rise from a new place of empowered energy + sacred sensuality.

To live from your sacred sensuality means to live an abundant fertile + meaningful life that you truly desire.

You deserve a life of health + passion + pleasure + sexual freedom.

You hold the key...

Grace Prosser







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