New Moon + divine feminine Power!

New Moon + divine feminine Power!

There is a wombman in you ready to be re-claimed

Here is your reminder to feel in order to heal and release in order to grow!

Rose Sisters who have landed here, thank you so much for showing up i deeply appreciate you. For simply being here i am offering you 10% OFF my Divine cycle guide all the details are at the bottom of this page! 

I never planned to do this blog post but i felt called to do it today and iv been feeling a calling to write more.

Here is something i learned on my journey so far that i really felt called to write about and share with you!

Firstly what even is the feminine? Well, we all have our own stories, ideas and they are all valid for us.

My perception of the feminine is this...

"The divine nature of the feminine is to be mysterious, mystical, forever changing and forever flowing!"

Let me start by saying this...when you are the journey of self discovery and reclaiming the feminine as i am, we have to be aware that it requires us to consistently continue to release from the womb space in order to gently heal and make space to receive more light and abundance. 

Its not a one off practice, it takes courage but also practice and consistency for us to reclaim the feminine power.Womb healing is something women practiced many moons ago (literally!) and more of us are starting to get more comfortable with this transformation process now it is becoming more accepted in society.

The divine feminine nature is death and re-birth due to the power of our womb, the portal that creates and births all lifeNot only this, but every single month with a bleed we die and we are re born on an energetic level.

This brings me on to the mystic feminine and the lunar phases...

If you closely look at the phases of the lunar - the divine feminine, you will also recognise its forever mysteriously, mystically forever changing. It is a deep connection between the feminine and the moon that the mind can not sometimes understand, yet it is a deep knowing that so many women have inside of them.

The New Moon is traditionally where women would release through their bleed. (You can access more information about each phase on my divine cycle linked on the bottom of this page)

Studies now have found that this is directly linked to the moon and these rhythms align at certain times of a woman's lives, shedding new light on the controversial idea that Lunar phases influence human reproduction.

As a woman's womb healer i am deeply passionate about healing the womb space in order for us to live a more stable fulfilling life but also to reproduce and birth the next generations with more love, ease and grace.

The Rose code: Please note that the rose code i created states that there is no right or wrong phase of the moon to bleed on or a right or wrong way to have a menstrual cycle. We are all unique and that is valid.

The Avg menstrual cycle is 28 days so going off this count your first bleed would be classed as day1 of your divine cycle. 

I also connect this phase of the divine cycle to the red rose to represent the beauty of the bleed, that by the way is the only blood to leave a human body that has not been caused by a wound. It is so magical, sacred ...and so are you!

I help women move through their emotions and challenges their womb and menstrual cycle may bring forward for them.

Most of us have been taught to ignore the power of our menstrual cycle and bleed and to "power through" rather than actually connect and work with it. This has caused more challenges for women including mental and physical blocks.

If you no longer have a bleed or womb you can still track your divine feminine emotional cycle via the moon phases. This will ultimately keep you connected to that natural divine intelligence.

On new moon phases we are being called to dive a bit deeper and the power in new moon phases can bring some of your shadows and fears into the light.

Sure it can be scary sometimes and the ego mind can jump in to keep us trapped because ultimately the anxiety created and the mind feeling uncomfortable in the unknown is what is fearing and trying to protect you. So it may ask questions like...

Who even am i on the other side of our fears?

Who will i be on the other side of this?

Will i still be liked on the other side of this?

Will i still be loved on the other side of this?

If you are anything like me and you choose to go beyond the mind into the mystic deep realms of the divine feminine then you ARE capable of finding the GOLD!

You are capable of meeting the version of you that is on the other side of doubt, worry, anxiety and fears. Why? because when the feminine decides to lean in and witnesses her shadow she automatically creates more trust and power within her and from that first point of awareness she has the capability of creating more LOVE. Energetics prove that where there is love fear can not survive!

Therefore, when you choose to take these deep dives and when you can move through this phase with compassion then you can actually get a chance to plant new seeds and open yourself up to greater possibilities and even MORE LOVE!

Each month i hold a new moon session online where i guide women through connecting to the womb, releasing from the womb and planting new seeds via womb manifestation!

You can join my sessions by simply checking out the events on my website!

I wish you all so much womb wellness, health, love and abundance.

So much love! Grace xxx

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