My transformational journey

Hi, welcome to my website thank you for taking the time to be here.
My name is Grace and i am an intuitive spiritual coach and channelled meditation practitioner. 
I am from the North West of the UK. I originate from Romany Gypsies and have a potent Druid family connection too.
My transformational journey...
I am going to write a full blog and record some videos on more of my transformational journey as it is very complex and needs to be broken down into sections for my visitors to be able to digest the full spectrum of my life journey so far. I believe that sharing it with you allows me to add huge value to the help i can offer to you including the experiences i have had and the way my life has evolved.
Some of the most challenging life experiences i have and the lessons i have learnt  i utilise them in order provide wisdom, compassion, empathy in the the connection i have with all of my one to one clients and my group sessions because i have been there and i can help you solve problems you may face in your life too. We are all human, and we all go through things in life, the most important thing i can express is the power of unification.
This line of work is personal and it has taken me a long time to express and share some of my darkest and hardest life challenges.
For now let me give you a break down on how i got to this point in my life, a point where i am confident, happy, mentally and physically healthy and now aligning my life in magical and profound ways.
I started my meditation journey in 2015.
I was at a point in my life where i had completely lost who i was, everything about me had become simply dull. I was in a relationship i was no longer happy in, i had vast heavy and important childhood, teenage and adulthood trauma i had not dealt with. I got to a point where i was very depressed and had depressive episodes.
I had met an old friend of this year and he showed me the world with a new set of eyes and one simple sentence changed me entire life.
One morning i got in the bath and decided to play some meditation music and give it a go, i had not looked into how to do it, what to do i just decided i wanted to relax. The first time i did this I was visited by 3 of my angel guides.
They taught me how to meditate and how to journey. I started to do this every single morning in the bath and this is when my entire life changed.
However, my life at that point needed to change so much that i did in fact fall into a deeper depression due to the events that took place in order for me to flip my life around. 
In my deepest darkest moments when i couldn't get out of bed, i couldn't eat and hardly manage my days i had stopped meditating, i was at a point i couldn't do anything. Then one day i was driving down the motorway and a freak accident took place , time stood still ( please see blog for this story)  from that point a switch had been turned back on, something inside me from a higher force and i managed to get the inner power to start to meditate again.
I joined a women's circle group which was lead by two amazing women. A wonderful shaman and spiritual life coach and it was truly amazing. I was investing all the spare money i had on my mental heath and well being and i decided to make a lot of sacrifices in order to turn my life around. Ultimately it was meditation that just seemed so natural and deeply healing for me. If it was not for meditation practice i am not sure where or if i would be here today. 
Mediation truly saved my life.
That is why i now guide others through my guided meditations and find such joy in helping others in their lives too. If this practice is done consistently and with joy then you too can change your life. 
I have also been on a deep healing journey to heal my childhood, teenage and adulthood trauma. Investing mentally and finically into my mental health and into my spiritual practices has been challenging at times, but i invested in a spiritual life coach for around 6-8 months which was eye opening, beautiful, liberating, healing, and life changing.
 It has been mentally and phyiscally challenging too but it is important that through my personal healing i can use the experience to inject into my own creative healing sessions. One of my favourite quotes a client sent to me that explains this i have written below.
"A healer who sits with their own pain will sit with your pain. A healer who is aware of their weaknesses will gently help you to realise your weaknesses. A healer who is actively healing is the one who will best help you heal." Kristen Willis
Even though it has been challenging over the years it has been the best thing i have ever done. Not only for myself but for my family, friends and now my clients.
As the years have gone on i have developed my skill set and my meditation abilities with intuitive coaching, and shamanic coaching.I think the main thing with meditation is there is no right or wrong you have to go with what is within. However, i am lucky that i connect so well and easily to my psyche where as some may find this more challenging and not know where to start. Therefore baring this in mind I have since been creating, learning, experiencing a wide range of beautiful practices that ignite my soul on fire every single day that have helped my connection to spirit and my spirit guides and guardians.
This then eventually made me realise that whilst guiding my meditations i was actually channelling too which means i connect to higher guidance in that now moment in meditation practice.I was just doing it for myself and fun at first and then spirit got louder and i started to create unique meditation techniques to help others.
One day i decided to create a course called COG4 meditation and i just believed in myself and I had done a lot of inner self work so i knew i was ready and i just went for it! I knew that it saved my life so why not! It has helped so many people and i am truly grateful to be able to continue to teach these techniques to help people in times of need.
If you would like to connect with me on your own journey and feel as thought you are drawn to my guidance and energy then please get in contact with me.
Please do come back and  re-vist my blog pages for more insight into my journey as i will be sharing more with you all.
My background in holistic and spiritual experience 
Over the years I have worked and developed knowledge and wisdom
through experience and training along with inner healing and enhanced my skills with the likes of:
Stella Brookes - Shadow & ascension 
Jayel Williams - Life coach
Leah Dixon - Shaman teachings and healing
Sandra Walter - Shamanic Guide and practicioner 
Kathryn Solie - Plant medicine course 
Eloise bennett - 13th rite / Womb rites 
Emma Mumford - Manifeston Queen
I have had the pleasure of attending a lecture by Mac Macartney
Avrils Mykayla - Clairvoyance / tarot / Pyschic readings
Over the time of developing my skill set i have learnt in the below areas:
-Crystal healing diploma
-Intuitive healing including diploma 
Aura healing / balance /cleansing / activation
Energy healing 
Pyschic healing 
Chakra healing / balance / cleansing / activation
Intuition / psychic development 
-Inner child healing 
-13th rite / Womb rites practicioner
-Shamanism including:
Shamanic journeys 
lower / upper / middle world
spirit guides / guardians 
Invisible senses 
Collective healing 
Group healing and unification