Can i join if i am new to meditation?

Yes of course you can, i have many people that have joined me brand new to meditation. The course is designed for beginners and for those who already practice meditation.

How long does the live course last?

We get together for 6 sessions at 8pm (see more details and dates below)

Can i do this course more than once?

Yes of course you can. I stick to a guideline but i work with the energies that are in the present moment and also astrology energy which changes all the time. So each course / guided meditation will differ.

You may feel you need a couple of these courses or maybe you just enjoy a routine and like to be a part of the tribal COG4 community that brings so much joy and support.

What do i need for this course?

 All you need is a safe space you feel comfortable in, a device such as a mobile, tablet or laptop, internet , zoom app and yourself.


What does this course involve?

Some topics we will cover over the weeks include the following: 

Session one | Standing strong, tall and rooted: Raising your vibration through grounding technique:. cleansing, healing and strengthening your root chakra energy point. (Mother Earth & light source energy)


Session two | Protect and sustain your energy:  Upgrading and strengthening your auric field with a healthy energy protection technique. (Rose and light source energy, angel healing, bio energy healing, chakra healing.)


Session three | Embracing your divine feminine and masculine energies: Healing, clarity and unity yin yang balance technique. (using light source energy, angel healing, bio energy healing, chakra healing)


Session four | Align and vibrate a higher frequency: Full energy upgrade in each chakra energy point. Deep cleansing, healing and activation technique to align, balance and re-set. (using light source energy, angel healing, healing touch, chakra healing, bio energy healing)


Session five | Connecting and bonding to your higher self:  A technique designed for unbreakable bond with the heart energy and magnetic function. Integrating a new higher level of consciousness.  (light source energy, angel healing, healing touch, faith healing)


Session six | Opening the doorway to your personal power : Connecting on a higher visionary level by unifying all energy centres expanding our electronic functions for divine alignment. (light source energy, angel healing,  healing touch)


You will benefit from this course whether you are in a line of holistic work or not. 

It will help you relax and release tension along with releasing any unwanted emotions in a healthy way and expand your knowledge, self love and self mastery.

I do use healing energy in the course and therefore it will  help you re-establish a healthy flow of energy throughout your body and re-connecting you to a natural state of peace, love and balance on all levels - mind, body and soul.

Any one taking this course who already teaches in the holistic field will be able to gain extra knowledge and techniques that you may wish to also inject into your own teachings. 

If you have any more questions please feel free to contact me as my main aim is to make you feel safe learning with me.