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Health benefits of meditation + mindfulness in the workplace. Increase employee wellbeing + consumer response.

Meditation relieves the symptoms of insomnia 75% of the time.

The majority of people with insomnia who meditated on a daily basis were able to fall asleep more quickly. In fact, 75% of them needed only up to 20 minutes to doze off. Additionally, 91% of insomniacs reduced or eliminated their use of sleeping medication.


Meditation improves anxiety levels 60% of the time.

After meditating for 6–9 months, almost two-thirds of those prone to anxiety managed to reduce their anxiety levels.


Mindfulness meditation can reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder 73% of the time.

A study examined the effectiveness of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for treating PTSD that 73% of them showed reduced symptoms.


Workplace Benefits

Increasing mindfulness in the workplace

Forbes published that "research at companies like Google and Intel have shown that increasing mindfulness in the workplace can decrease stress levels while improving focus, thoughtfulness, decision-making abilities and overall well-being. Mindfulness gives employees permission and space to think — to be present — leading to mental agility, resilience and self-awareness. In addition, mindfulness can reduce emotional exhaustion, increase openness to new ideas and develop compassion and empathy."

Productivity Benefits

Increased Creativity Meditation improve their problem-solving abilities and come up with more “out-of-the-box” ideas.

The Harvard Business Review conducted a study where different groups were asked to brainstorm, some following a guided meditation and some asked to brainstorm immediately. Although all participants came up with ideas, those that did so after meditating came up with a broader range of ideas. The study showed meditation can boost creativity. 


Increases grey matter

Grey matter plays a significant role in allowing humans to function normally as it allows us to control our movements, retain memories, and regulate our emotions, among many other functions. The grey matter serves to process information in the brain. Structures within the grey matter process signals generated in the sensory organs or other areas of the grey matter. This tissue directs sensory (motor) stimuli to nerve cells in the central nervous system to induce a response to the stimuli.

Meditation can increase grey matter.

According to a Harvard study, practicing mindfulness meditation for at least 30 minutes a day can increase grey matter in the hippocampus. This is one of the more important meditation facts since this part of the brain plays an important role in memory and learning.

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