Corporate Wellness classes & programs

Why do i offer corporate wellness classes and programs?
I used to run a very successful fashion brand that i started in my mid 20's. I was very busy, i had a lot of pressure around my job, i worked very long hours, i made a great wage and i was also responsible for my entire company. The stress level was high and the mental strain was apparent. 
I had great skill set in running the company and a very high work drive and work ethic. However, personal life circumstances and the pressure of the company did become overwhelming and i faced some very challenging obstacles that unfortunately lead to me closing down my company as i was unable to mentally and physically cope with the pressure.
What i lacked at the beginning was mental wellness and physical wellbeing. From this breakdown and life change i developed immense awareness around meditation and wellness which lead me deeper into my teachings and guidance that benefits those who not only who run their own companies or take on a lot of responsibility at work, but those who also have to balance work and personal life.
For me personally i beleive this is essential for each and every single employee to be adding into their daily or weekly routine in order to maintain mental and physical stability along with creating that space to do their job well.
With many employees working from home or working over time due to the current pandemic i am able to offer support to help maintain their wellbeing, mental health and physical health with my online wellness classes and programs.
How does it benefit your employees?
My classes are based on relaxation techniques and meditation that help with the mental and physical wellbeing of your employees.
We spend most of the time in our minds living our every day to day life in society and working endless hours. It is important that it is a nice place to be.
Meditation is proven to help flourish our minds. It is such a beautiful technique. It is scientifically proven to improve our mental and physical wellbeing. Helping with stress, anxiety, depression, grief, cognitive development, chronic pain, sleep cycles, disease and cancer. Studies have been carried out by the likes of Dr. Joe Dispenza showing results that consistent meditation practice also increases life span.
Meditation and relaxation practice creates a great balance within us. It also allows us to give ourselves permission to create a new template for our day and thus provides doorways to endless positive opportunities and a more joyful life.
With the right guidance and meditation techniques it allows you continue this balanced way of living throughout your life helping with anything that comes your way.
I can offer you a unique mediation program designed by myself to help your employees to step into the power of meditation and its vast positive benefits.
What benefits will help employees with their work and inside the work place?
The benefits my designed classes and programs have for your employees other than all of the above are:
  • Increases awareness and perspective
  • Increases cognitive development 
  • Boosts creativity
  • Increases patience 
  • Boosts self-belief and confidence 
  • Helps with sleep
  • Helps navigate emotions healthily 
  • Boosts immune system
  • Helps with healthy self expression
  • Increases the connection to others
  • Helps with grounding and balance 
  • Increases self mastery and discipline 
  • Helps prepare for meetings and important events.
How does it fit into the daily or weekly routine of your employees?
My classes and programs can fit lightly into the working day and they are great for encouraging employees to take some time for themselves.
They can be done daily weekly or personalised to your own choice.
Class information
Duration: 30-45 minutes
Number of participants: up to 100 people 
Sustainable for: No level.  Everyone is welcome and it is designed for beginners and those who are experienced.
Format and delivery: Classes are performed on ZOOM.  Access to the internet and a device is what participants will need in order to attend.  I can also do local face to face sessions if this is something that is requested and fit in with the program. 
Tailored service
Accessible world wide
I am fully qualified with experience, insurance and full confidence in my delivery of every single class that i guide with 5* reviews from current clients and course members.
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Thank you for taking the time.
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