Divine Cycle 1-2-1 program

Here is why this program is this so special to me + if you resonate with my story then maybe this is your calling to step into this divine transformation.

I was exhausted trying to find ways to shut out my emotions. I was exhausted of feeling so much. Constantly thinking i'm too sensitive or too much. I was constantly blaming myself for being "too emotional". It leaked into my career + romantic relationships. I just couldn't work out what i was doing "wrong". It became a daily battle with myself i felt like i was losing.

I came to realise it wasn't so much the emotions themselves that were the leading cause of emotional pain that lead me to depression + anxiety. It was my resistance towards them.

It was the way i was trying so hard to disconnect from them + so against my own emotions. The very things that make me so uniquely special, truthful, loving, kind + so raw + feminine.

I became something else that wanted to "fit in" to be liked, loved + accepted. This was going against my own divine nature of being an emotional woman, that's what made me so sick.

Thats what made me burn out. The energy i was using to fight my raw natural womanly emotions causing me to over give, people please + hide myself is what caused my burn out + mental health decline. The breakdown of my business, my relationships + the breakdown of myself. I was done with fighting with myself.

I had to start again. I had to go on a journey to discover how i could live as an emotionally driven woman in this masculine driven society. It was my only option + i knew there had to be a way.

My spiritual practice saved my life + continues to save my life every single day. It is the one thing i knew was safe when i was so low + is still so safe + is such pure love.

My Mary Magdalene womb training, healing journey + connection is what changed + transformed my life. It is what gave me the confidence to be the most raw authentic emotional divine version of myself without apologising for it.

Once i began the Divine Cycle journey which has taken me years to develop I knew this was what i had been waiting for to share with woman. My mission is to help women who feel how i once felt. I am not going to say it's easy, sometimes it takes vulnerability, patience + courage to step into the divinity of yourself.

It requires an open mind + facing some truths that perhaps you have been afraid to face. This journey is not something you can do alone, you need help. You need guidance + a safe space to be held + witnessed whilst you transform.

Thats what my purpose is as a womb healer, to help guide you + provide a non judgmental space for you to feel truly seen, heard +  most importantly loved.

Over this 6 week journey together we will move through a number of divine feminine healing + transformation sessions. 

What are the core pillars to this program?

The Divine Cycle was born from my womb transformation + my mission is to help other women who also feel deeply to learn like i have to also overcome the fears + set back of their emotions through divine connection, acceptance + love.

Is that you? are you that woman who over gives? people pleases? constantly questions your emotions? Who wants to dive in deep with people. Are you the woman that knows you have a pure heart + soul but feels like that is a weakness? Are you that woman who is absolutely done with battling against your primal raw feminine emotions?

 What is included in this program?

Are you ready to put the armour down that you have been holding up against yourself for so long?

Can you just for a moment imagine a life where you feel free to be exactly who you came here to be and feel safe, seen, heard?

Are you exactly like i am? A woman who has deep vast emotions that are craving to spill out safely + unapologetically?

Are you ready to take the steps forward like i did + let go of the afraid, judgmental, controlling, confused part of yourself thats holding you hostage so you can start to create a more fulfilling, nourishing liberating life?

I see you, i understand exactly how you feel + i have a solution to help you.

I want to remind you this is not something you buy. This is an investment in yourself, an  investment towards this one life you get to live. That is priceless + this a self love choice that will be something you will always be grateful for.

You can make your free connection call by simply clicking the image below + emailing me direct. I will aim to be in touch with you within 48 hours. 

I am so excited to be a part of this journey with you! Let's GO!