Frequently asked questions


 How do i practice meditation & what type shall i practice?

There are many forms of meditation techniques out there in which are all great for the mind , body and soul and not one is better or worse than the other.

We are all very unique and some techniques may work better for one person and another, there is no right or wrong.

Meditation can take a little bit of time to adjust to. It is like anything new that we want to learn, it takes practice, time and patience with a level of discipline and the most important thing is consistency. 

Once mediation practice becomes part of your daily routine it because much easier and much more natural. It is a lifestyle choice we make to create a more joyful less stressful and more meaningful life.

I offer my unique mediation course within my professional wellness and mindset section that has now been running for almost a year. Helping many people world wide to step into the power and vast beauty of meditation.

Will it Improve my mental health?


Meditation is proved to help with mental health. 30 minutes equates to 3 hours sleep. It is proven to help boost the immune system.It can help with chronic pain, disease and viral infections.

It helps with cognitive development.Increases life span.It also allows us to find more peace and clarity.It reduces stress hormones.

Am i doing it wrong if i can't visualise?


With meditation there is no right or wrong in how you practice and how your practice is for you, there is no destination to get to.Meditation is a present moment technique with no expectations.

Over time we may experience differentthings in meditation.It is a life long practice and is forever magically changing.Some people may practice meditation for many years and not be visual, this is normal and still just as powerful.

Instead you may get feelings, sensations, audio sounds, smells, cold and hot sensations.However you are as an individual in meditation in that now moment is divine.

Just remember that showing up to your practice is the main thing.

How many times a day do i have to do it?

I have been practicing meditation for six years and in my opinion I recommend the morning time for meditation. Especially a grounding meditation to align and balance you for your day ahead.

I would recommend you practice daily for at least 5-10 minutes a day and build it up to around 20-30 minutes.

If you have more space for meditation in the afternoon or evening then feel into when you feel as though you would like to rest into the practice and just go for it!

I invite you to not to be too hard on yourself as it takes time, it is like learning a new language. Be patient.

Let yourself enjoy the journey rather than it be a chore.

If you feel it is a chore then I recommend you find a practitioner to help guide you and help you maintain consistency.

Is meditation safe?

Meditation is safe yes! It is a beautiful practice that helps flourish our mind body and soul. 

I have been practicing meditation for 6 years and guiding others for a year.

There is no negitivity when it comes to loving and expressing yourself through the art of meditation.

This course is a comfortable doorway for you to step into your own inner power and loving potential and therefore it is a choice you make that no one else can make for you. 

If you choose to feel and look at meditation as positive and helpful for yourself then you will only attract more of that positive energy into your life.

In terms of the practice itself so long as you are in a safe warm environment, trust your practitioner to help guide you, you are comfortable in your seating or lying down position; then meditation can only bring you one thing and that positivity, less stress and more joy!

The main thing is to trust in yourself that you CAN use this technique to enhance and change your life.