Mary Magdalene and womb healing

Mary Magdalene holds the key codes, healing and wisdom to the divine feminine and the power of the womb.

2000 years ago Mary Magdalene was a power spiritual teacher. 

Many believe her to be a dark sexual priestess or prostitute, but she was actually a vibration of pure intentional love.

She is linked closely to Venus, The black Madonna and Goddess Isis and her power, beauty and healing was passed through the teachings of these great woman.

Mary lead beautiful, passionate and purposeful spiritual schools for women and men across the world.She did this with her beloved Jesus.

As she anointed Jesus on the cross with Rose he handed down his crown to her and reminded her that her divine feminine teachings will be received and activated on Earth in a time of global change. 

Now is that time.

2000 years later her energy, healing and power is back to awaken the feminine her on Earth. Not just in women but in every living human. To open us up as a sacred vessel so her high vibration can divinely flow through us all.

To bring light, knowledge, healing, creativity, divine sexuality and wisdom to the path of the feminine and masculine unification.

Mary Magdalene helps us throughout our womb healing ceremony and continues to guide us back to the sacred relationship with ourselves.  A journey back to the cosmic womb. A re-birth of who we are. An initiation of sacred feminine energy and a burst of fertility that encourages us to expand mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Just like the essence of the Rose expands and blooms so beautifully into a powerful energetic source of light. So can you. 


Grace xxx

Grace Prosser | bluebellspirit | The Rose Of Life