My personal approach


My personal approach to meditation and this special course

I have been practicing meditation since 2015 and i have been teaching since May 2020. I know that meditation is sometimes a scary thought especially when it is joining a group course.

But rest assured you are safe, supported and guided in the most divine natural way. It is very important to me that you are feeling safe and free in my course sessions that take place to allow yourself to be unapologetically you.

Every single one of us is here for the same reason, to be present , connect to our needs and to acknowledge ourselves and thus move towards being at one with own unique soul in a safety and love.

This course for me is also about bringing like minded others together in unity of divine love and light so we can express and support each other.

My C0G4 movement is not just a meditation practice it is a soothing lifestyle. It is also guided to enable you to start your journey of bringing yourself back to life. To ignite that fire, passion, self love and confidence within you. To open up your gorgeous mind, body, soul and heart.

I have developed this unique safe place to encourage you to release any unwanted parts of you and to peel back the layers of yourself. So you can replenish and drench your whole being with new found positivity and light. I am with you every step of the way.

When we choose to rise, we never walk alone. We always find our tribe. My movement is to help you find your tribe too; a supportive community. So therefore this is a group session for a few reasons, one being because together we are stronger.

The power of our minds and hearts united together is energetically proven by quantum physics to be incredibly positive and powerful.

The special space i hold for you in each session means a lot to me and is not only where you embark on your own solo journey, but this workshop also enables you to feel the power of others too. Including, compassion, joy, help, healing, love and unity.

Where each and every single one of us is unique we all posses glorious gifts in which we can offer to each other energetically.

This is a sacred journey, one where we use collective strength by simply coming together, and we move together and as individuals with pure conviction.

Love and Light

Grace Bluebell Spirit & Rose of life