Rose of life healing hub

My healing hub & scared meditation space for one to one sessions & treatments is injected with my own personal energy & connection to The Rose Of Life - a higher universal source of light energy. 
Enhanced with enchanting magical essence my space is unique & soul nourishing.
The Rose Of Life sacred space is cleansed and illuminated with all elements & directions.
North, East, South, West. Air, Fire, Earth, Water.
My healing space is infused with natural solar energy from Father Sun, Sacred geometry, scent, crystals, guides, warm lighting and cosy blankets, pillows & nourishing beverages to soothe & enhance your soul.
Not only is my sacred space a blissful healing energy, it is protected and guided by divine love & light to give you a safe and comfortable place to relax, heal & ascend. 
I look forward to welcoming you to my healing space.
Love and blessings
Grace x