The Rose and womb healing

The rose is symbolic to womb healing and Mary magdalene for many reasons. 

The Rose is one of the most powerful transmission of energy that we can access here on Earth vibrating up to a 320mhz frequency!

The Rose is used in many ancient texts and healing ceremonies and ancient practices especially when ti comes to the divine feminine and the womb. 

The Red rose symbolises the beauty and power of our womb and our divine monthly cycle and is closely linked the planet Venus.

If you take a look at the pattern of the rose this is created by sacred geometry a sequence also known as the Fibonacci. The fibonacci sequence is also created to the exact measurements and numbers by the Planet Venus in the cosmos as it dances its way around the Earth.  

This gives a connection for the divine passionate, pleasurable frequencies of Venus to travel down to Earth in order for us to access the beautiful energy encrypted within the Rose.

The rose is mentioned throughout ancient history and has always been spoken of as a sacred symbol.

The rose has been used as a sign of silence in addition to secrecy. When secret societies and gatherings met in medieval times, a rose was hung from the ceiling at a meeting. However this soon became illegal and if you were caught with a rose hanging from the ceiling you were severely punished as it was seen as very powerful and sacred.

The rose carries the meaning of purity or heavenly, passion, transmutation, completion, of consummate achievement and perfection in addition to being an ancient symbol of joy.

The Rose was also used by Mary Magdalene in a sacred anointing ritual dating back to ancient Egypt. The essential oil of the Rose is extremely powerful. Rose oil is partnered with Venus as stated above. It represents the feminine heart and Mary Magdalene belongs to Venus lineage.It is closely linked to Aphrodite, there are two types of this energy:

Type one is Taurus. Representing physical beauty and feeling good from within in order to emit beauty on the outside. It links in with feeling comfortable in the body and the way you move.The second type is Libra which represents spiritual beauty and radiance.

You can have a look at your birth chart to see where they land within your chart. However this still has an impact on those of us who do not have those birth chart placements.

"When we become a clear vessel to receive, we become the power of the world"