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What are the benefits of meditation?


The word meditation means to 'become familiar with'.

As humans it is scientifically proven how we think creates how we feel. This then creates our state of being in that moment in time.  So therefore, it is our choice in creating positivity or negativity into our reality.

Our minds are extremely powerful, however most of us just do not know how to silence the mind in order to gain access in to what is so vastly already there within us that will benefit our lives for the better.

We spend most of the time in our minds as humans living our every day to day life in society. It is important that it is  a nice place to be.

Meditation is proven to help flourish our minds. It is such a beautiful technique. It is scientifically proven to improve our mental and physical wellbeing. Helping with stress, anxiety, depression, grief, chronic pain, disease and cancer. Studies have been carried out by Dr. Joe Dispenza showing results that consistent meditation practice increases life span.

When we reach a level of consciousness through meditation it provides a pathway for us to connect with our inner selves on a deeper and more spiritual level. This unites our mind and heart to enable us to live in alignment, with clarity, love and gratitude.

Daily meditation practice creates a great balance within us. It cleanses our auric field and energy, it raises our individual vibrational frequency ( vibe), plus it allows us to create a new template for our day and thus provides doorways to endless positive opportunities and a more joyful life.

With the right guidance and meditation techniques it allows you continue this balanced way of living throughout your life helping with anything that comes your way.

We offer our unique mediation course here designed by Bluebell Spirit within our professional wellness and mindset section that has now been running for almost a year. Helping many people world wide to step into the power of meditation.