What is the rite of the womb and 13th rite of munay-kai?

What is the rite of the womb?

It was bestowed by a lineage of women through the spirit of the amazon jungle to a lady shaman who would be responsible for sharing it. It was birthed into being by Marcela Lobos.

The Munay-Ki are a series of rituals. Maria Lobos initiated this healing and spiritual traditions. Reminding us that the gift of healing and life belongs to every woman in the world who wants to receive it. That together we are a lineage of women who remembers that we did not come to suffer in this life, but to be the creators of our deepest longings and destinies 

“A lineage of women from the Spirit world came through the jungle medicine to bestow us an initiation: The Rite of the Womb”.

As a keeper of the womb i am certified to pass you the 13th rite of Munay-kai healing in which you will also receive certification. 

This transformative sacred practice in particular helps clear and cleanse your womb through sacred practice which is where we hold the creation of life and the link to our divine mother. 

It helps cleanse and heal your blood line. Your grandmother, your mother & your sisters, going back 7 full generations that were here and experienced life before you.
It helps your ancestors release and heal their pain, trauma and any other fear they may have held on to and passed down through your generation of women. 

One of the most liberating and beautiful transformations of this ceremony is that by healing your womb and receiving the 13th rite of munay-kai you will also be helping your children and future children, along with their children and passing down the healing to 7 future generations to come.

“In becoming womb keepers we also become stewards of life.Our children are no longer the children of fear and conflicts, but the children of light with a natural inclination to be an Earth keeper”

What else does the 13th rite of Munay-kai ceremony help with? 

  • Cleansing the womb of 7 generations behind and 7 in front. 
  • Cleanses the womb of any past sexual energy exchange. 
  • Makes space for new experiences & opportunities.  
  • Promotes healthy sex, desires & pleasure.
  • Connection to divine feminine womb power.
  • Re connects you to your soul.
  • Expands connection to creativity.
  • Increases intuition.
  • Promotes more balance.
  • Expands awareness & perspective.
  • Helps with Manifestation
  • Connects you to Mother Earth.
  • Builds the trust muscle.
  • Promotes Feminine & masculine unification.
  • Increases Inner transformation.
  • Helps with Physical & Mental health.
  • Enhances spiritual connection.
  • Creates freedom from within.
  • Enhances confidence and self worth.

This will also help you connect to your divine purpose, your physical and emotional body. It will help you with fertility, confidence, inner balance, and your monthly cycle.

By investing in this you are stepping forward into new fresh energy, space for creation, fertility and wholeness.

“Your womb is your sacred space stand tall and courageous within it and illuminate your unique power and energy as the goddess you came here on Earth to be”