What is the Rose of Life

The Rose Of Life is a higher source energy of love, light, healing and protection.

It is unique to myself and the way that i work and connect to spirit and higher guidance not only for my own personal life but for my clients too.

The Rose Of Life is linked to the fibonacci sequence. This is the pattern that the rose makes with its beautiful petals.This mathematical magical pattern can be found on the human face, many plants and living creatures on Earth. It is a pattern made up from the Universe  and plants and the primary planet of Venus.

The energy of a Rose also vibrates very high energy frequency of 320 MHz which is higher than a human energy vibration. For this reason it is great for teaching us love when we can really connect to the energy of them.

A lot of guidance, messages, spirit guides and angels will connect with us humans through the energy of a rose as it is easier for them to connect higher energy to the high frequency of the roses energy.

These are some of the reasons that The Rose Of Life is so sacred and energetic.

The Rose Of Life is very sacred to me and my way of working with my clients and i am very blessed and honoured to have such a special connection that i can illuminate to the world.

I hope to continue to share this glorious energy connection with you.


Grace x