Why Womb healing is sacred to me

My Womb healing statement

" I am a divine feminine vessel. My purpose is people and hearts. I am devoting myself to my own divine feminine. I trust my journey. I am helping other women heal - in this life time and for those who will live after me. I am a Magdalene"

I am so delighted to be a keeper of the womb and a Magdalene channel.Being able to share knowledge, ancient wisdom and healing with you whilst creating a sacred ceremonial experience you will never forget brings me the most joy.

As i have walked the path of Mary magdalene and womb healing i have found a true deeper calling. I had not set out to be practicing this type of healing. I had not logically planned to add this to a check-list of things to do to enhance my skill set. Nor was it something i thought i would want to guide others with. This was a deep personal connection and calling. My heart and soul was always longing for me to fulfil this part of my journey and life's purpose.

I was always practicing this type of healing but i was unaware until i was divinely guided to become a womb healer with an inner knowing that my soul could just not avoid. So it is in complete trust, authenticity and full feminine power that i now guide other women back home to themselves.
“The womb is not a place to store fear or pain. The womb is a place to create and birth New life”

Like me, If you landed here then it is no accident you have been divinely guided by the Universe.  If you also feel called to this deep powerful healing ceremony then you will just "know". You will have that inner pull towards stepping into this powerful inner light that you embody that is waiting for you to claim it.

I invite you to soothe, heal and empower yourself through the Rose Of Life sacred womb healing ceremony offering.

I am so excited for you to step forward into this new energy. Please do feel free to contact me for more information. grace@bluebellspirit.com