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Arriving in Feminine Flow - 3 day haven

Arriving in Feminine Flow - 3 day haven

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Oh yes! It is time to move to the next part of my journey and i am inviting you with me!

To live with me, experience life with me. A home away from home. Welcoming you into a sisterhood of paradise. 

Your invitation

I am inviting you to join me on this beautiful spring weekend in the most tranquil ,soft, relaxing and magical cottage.A home away from home.

I have created this weekend not as a retreat, but for you to experience living with me + living in sisterhood. I invite you to share your pure soul with me, to let me and the other women see you, feel you + support you.

We will flow with life and soak up the beauty of the lands + the present moment. We will indulge in sacred ancient spiritual practices and rise in feminine frequency together. This is a time for you to have a break, to let go, to not have to do and to be blessed to receive love, support + joy.

An open opportunity for you to play in the magical realms that you can not see yet you know to be true. I am so excited to share this time with you.

The Itinerary

I am not going to lie to you all and say that i have this solid plan, because i don't. I have planned out a simple flexible itinerary for us to flow with, however i really wanted to create this with ease and grace and for you to experience this with as little structure as possible. Why? Because this is how i live my life and i want to invite you into my world!

This will open up the magic of the universe to flow throughout the time we spend together so you can get a real taste of divine feminine flow.

Once you have booked you will receive a small questionnaire and journal prompts to prepare you for the practices we will be doing together. You will also be added into the whatsapp group I have outlined what we will be covering over the days we have together below.

What the 3 days involves

  • heart opening practices
  • share circles meditation
  • sacred feminine dance
  • cacao ceremony
  • feminine rose pleasure activation
  • sacred feminine massage
  • rose oil anointing rose oil making workshop
  • sacred feminine prayer connecting to your prayer shawl
  • water cleanse ritual womb healing
  • card reading
  • 444 feminine archetype healing + awakening
  • star gazing
  • mother earth bonding
  • sacred earth offerings
  • nutrition plan ( by sasha)
  • work out plan sync with menstrual cycle (sasha)
  • Playing, parting and perhaps even some singing!

Healing + expansion

Each woman i welcome into this space is treated with support, love and guidance. Safe sisterhood is a healing in itself, most of us have not experienced a safe space with other women to connect on a deeper soulful level.

I was once someone who had also never thought a safe group of women was possible to step into. Yet i now have many years of experience holding other women in divine feminine sisterhood. A lot of us have held back for many reasons so as soon as you enter into the space that i am holding you will be deeply seen, heard and witnessed, perhaps in ways you never have before.

The expansion within this space is truly infinite and can open you up to love and divine feminine devotion in ways you can not even imagine possible. Everything i am bringing forward for this paradise weekend has a level of healing and growth for you to experience.

All of the activities + practices we will be doing over the time we have together will be available for you to go as deep as you feel like you want to go. You do not have to get involved in everything. Why? because this is your time to express your magical soul with no judgment and every women who is stood by your side will support you.

Special guest

Sasha Humphries! My best friend and special guest for the weekend! Sasha specialises in woman's empowerment, health, nutrition, combining the menstrual cycle with nutrition and fitness. Sasha will be leading a group workshop on nutrition, gut health and how you can start to feed your body throughout your monthly cycle to enhance your overall health and wellbeing.

As a qualified nutrition coach Sasha will be providing you with a nutrition plan to take away with you so you can begin to implement this into your lifestyle.

Accommodation - The Cottage

This cottage dates back 400 years and is a Visit England 4 Star Graded cottage. It offers oak beams, exposed stonework, and a garden patio with a barbeque and exquisite views.

Boasting an open-plan living area, it includes a feature fireplace with a log-effect fire and a farmhouse-style oak kitchen with an adjacent dining room and three unique beautiful bathrooms with beautiful sized baths for you to soak in! Located in and around the beautiful lands of the lake district, with streams, river view, mountain view and local hikes.

Please message me privately for the full address for privacy reasons i keep this away from social media. There are limited spaces for this weekend so it is a first come first serve experience.

I do offer payment plans, please see the information below if you want to join with a friend and share a double room the investment will be the same as the single bed twin rooms.


ROOM 1 - Double bed room £555 or pay in x2 payments of £277.50

ROOM 2 - Double bed room £555 or pay in x2 payments of £277.50

ROOM 3 - Twin room x2 single beds £444pp or pay in x2 payments of £222

ROOM 4 - Twin room x2 single beds £444pp or pay in x2 payments of £222

If you are coming with a friend and you wish to request a double bed room, this will be £444pp 

What is included?

Everything you need for the weekend is provided for you except your clothing and toiletries. I invite you to bring your own journal and also any crystals or spiritual belongings you would like to use for the weekend.

Once you have reserved your space there will be a more detailed description of what you will need to bring along in terms of clothing and footwear and so on. Arrival time is 3pm Friday 12th May.

We will be departing the cottage at 11am on the 14th for our mother earth walk until 2.30pm. There will be a mix of vegetarian , vegan food and drink designed to help your nutrition from qualified nutritionist Sasha Humphries. Please do let me know in advance if you have any allergies.  Arrive 3pm 12th May Depart 2.30pm 14th May.

  • wifi towels
  • food + drink
  • dishwasher
  • tv
  • bbq
  • coffee machine
  • parking is available
  • Feminine flow goodybag

What to do next? 

You can pay directly via my website here with numerous payment methods.

If you wish to pay in x2 payments please get in touch and i will set this up for you.

I am so excited to spend this time with you! If you would like to join me please get in touch to reserve your space. Please feel free to ask any questions and i will get back to you as soon as possible!

So much love 

Grace xxx




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