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This is a self love and romance natural energy soap.

I love using this as it makes me feel so delicate and attentive and calm when i rub its essence on my hands or body. It brings out a really soft side to me as I have built many walls up around my heart in the past & it helps me drop into my feminine energy with confidence instead of fear which is super important for me personally.

•Enhances self love
•Divine feminine energy activation (not gender specific)
•Infuses the Heart chakra
•Ignites the solar plexus & increases confidence
•Boosts the sacral chakra (pleasure chakra)
•Promotes calmness as well as courage
•Boosts the bio chemical field.
•Helps with somatic channels (energy flow)
•Made in a sacred space
•Holds frequency from plant oils
•The Rose oil linked to Venus
•Made with sacred geometry
•Made with sacred frequency sounds
•All natural

Great for using in the morning & before bed.

Great to use before any spiritual healing or manifestation practice but especially self love practices.

Great for those of you who do healing work for your clients and sacred space to wash hands before or after the session.

The size is great to also keep in your wash bag for when you need that extra frequency and inner feminine boost!

Also wonderful for if you are going on a date, having a date night or even looking for romance as It helps ignite your feminine aura!


    • Sold in sets of 2
    • Limited amount delivery made 10-14 days
    • Does not include Rose Quartz crystal
    • International delivery available
    • UK delivery only
    • All natural ingredients
    • Patterned sop to connect with the fibonacci sequence 
    • Not available for next day delivery so please do not use that option.
    • Can be used hands / body