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Aura cleansing + protection spray with guided meditation

Aura cleansing + protection spray with guided meditation

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Ever wondered how i keep my energy so clean, fresh, cleansed and uplifted?

Well one way i do this is by using my aura cleansing and protection spray every single day a few times a day.

I channeled this a few years ago. At first i did it for myself and for clients and group work. Then so many people kept on asking if i would sell them.

This spray is created to cleanse and protect your energy and environment along with cleansing away any negative energy and helps to strengthen your auric field (energy).

This aura spray is great to spray daily for it to have the best effects.
 Great for spraying in the morning & before bed and in your sleeping space. 
Fantastic to use before and during meditation.  Great for around your house, car as it is safer and more suitable than burning.
It also great for keeping in your bag if you are going anywhere where you need a little protection or energy cleansing boost.

I recommended this to spritz your space and aura if you are doing any spiritual or healing sessions such as reiki or even if you are going to get a massage or before spiritual exercises such as yoga as some of the movement can be very astral. 

It is also Wonderful for those of you who do healing work for yourself, your clients and sacred space.

I also highly recommend this for those of you who work in the beauty industry or who work close one to one with others. 
Spraying it in your salon / treatment room before and after the day starts and sometimes if you feel you need to use this after a client. 


    • delivery is 7-10days with xmas please know i will be making more so you can get them in time
    • UK delivery only
    • Glass bottle re usable re cycle
    • Spray top with lid
    • 50ml
    • Natural fresh water hand collected
    • Created in a sacred space
    • Created with sacred geometry
    • Can take a longer delivery - please email me.
    • Not available for next day delivery so please do not use that option.



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