C0G4 Meditation mentorship program
C0G4 Meditation mentorship program
C0G4 Meditation mentorship program
C0G4 Meditation mentorship program
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C0G4 Meditation mentorship program

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Welcome to the cog4 6 week meditation mentor program where meditation meets self care + self mastery. Cognitive development + the bridge to your higher self. 

My offering

As an intuitive spiritual coach, Magdalene womb healer & channeled meditation practitioner my offering is to those of you who are opening up to the powerful spiritual leadership within yourself and igniting your inner light. For Heath, Wealth, Love + Passion for Life.

Unapologetically step into your higher power. Expand your unique gifts + activate your connection with the divine. I support you with tapping into your own unique power, spiritual practice + igniting the divine source that lives within you. Taking you on a journey of self recognition + healing that creatively intertwines your soul with the mysteries + wisdom of the universe.

I provide a unique pathway to unlocking your own soul knowing that provides space for expression + expansion to rise deeply yet sweetly into existence. To help you finally become empowered with your own inner power + step into a life of wellness + abundance that not only serves your soul's desires but inspires you to share you unique gifts into every person you meet.

Health Benefits: Mind + Body + Soul 

  • Reduces stress + anxiety + depression
  • Increases life span
  • Helps with aches + pains
  • Reduces PTSD
  • Helps balance emotions
  • Increases grey matter 
  • Increases cognitive development
  • Boosts confidence 
  • Helps with self love + worthiness
  • Connects you to your higher self + spiritual gifts
  • Increases your awareness
  • Strengthens your intuition + wisdom
  • Builds your trust muscle
  • Increases your ability to tap into your own unique gifts
  • Boosts immune system
  • Helps insomnia
  • Productivity 
  • Life Purpose 
  • Increased creativity
  • Career + employee productivity

Spiritual Benefits : why this will help you with your own practice + guiding others

This 6 session program is designed so you can personally experience each meditation technique as well as learn it. As i was developing this it was important that my clients learn through technique too as we tend to get our greatest lessons and breakthroughs from spiritual practice. It helps you develop and increase your own gifts as well as being able to integrate them into your own offerings and teachings. It also boosts confidence around your own spiritual gifts giving you the ability to really step into your own authentic power.

How does each session work?

We can do this face to face or online. You can request the syllabus from me which explains each session (please also see images) by simply emailing me grace@bluebellspirit.com

FREE Manual

You will be given a full digital guide at the end of the program of the entire program. Each session is outlined and detailed, with step by step practice along with other tools and techniques. This is so that you can refer back to it whenever you need to. You can print this off and keep it as a tool for your spiritual healing toolbox.

My Approach

It is sometimes a scary thought to join something new , especially with something you may have never done before. But rest assured you are safe and free in the course sessions that take place to allow yourself to be unapologetically you. We are here for the same reason, to be present , connect to our needs and to acknowledge ourselves and thus move towards being at one with own unique soul. This for me is also about bringing like minded others together in unity of divine love and light.

My C0G4 movement is not just a meditation practice. It is also guided to enable you to start your journey of bringing yourself back to life. To ignite that fire and passion within you. To open up your gorgeous mind, body, soul and heart. When we choose to rise, we never walk alone. We always find our tribe.

The space i hold for you in each session is not only where you embark on your own solo journey, but this workshop also enables you to feel the power of you and me together too. Including, compassion, joy, help, healing, love and unity. This is a sacred journey, one where we use collective strength by simply coming together, and we move together and as individuals with pure conviction.

How to book?

You can simply book by investing here in full or you can email me if you have any more questions or wish to book a free 15 minute consultation.

Investment Details + Options:

  • 6 x 1-2-1 sessions online or face to face
  • Session times vary from 60-90 minutes
  • This program based on a 6 week time frame
  • Online or face to facE

If you make your investment via this page please make sure you enter your email address as your welcome kit will also be sent automatically to your email.

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Love and Blessings