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Cleanse & Protection guide

Cleanse & Protection guide

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This Cleanse and protection guide and free guided meditation is for those who would like to learn more about spiritually cleansing and protecting. This is also for those of you who have purchased any cleansing and protection item from me. 


Aura protection is of central importance to our mental & physical wellbeing. We absorb invisible spiritual nutrients through our auras (Bio chemical field) Make sure you are choosing wisely where, what & who you are surrounded with daily.

This mini guide is free and and includes the basics of what you need to know about cleansing and protection and the item, how to use it and also other guidance such as:

  • How to tell if you have energy blocks
  • Energy systems
  • Aura / bio chemical field 
  • How to cleanse your energy
  • how to protect your energy
  • Meditation
  • Breathing
  • Sound healing 
  • Scared mantras


Simply add this to your cart for free and then when you proceed to checkout make sure you enter your email address. Once you have gone through the checkout method then the download will pop up so you can download it straight to your device where it will be saved in your ‘downloads’. It will also be sent to the email address you enter. Please check your junk mail!

Love and Blessings

Grace xxx


Meditations and ascension guides are not a substitute for medical attention. Please seek out formal medical help if you need it from a professional doctor. Please note By downloading this guide you are agreeing to the waiver from provided for you.

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