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Feminine + Masculine energy healing meditation

Feminine + Masculine energy healing meditation

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Introducing a powerful scared guided meditation to connect you with your inner feminine + masculine energies!

This meditation technique is really great for when you feel a little low, maybe you feel as though your mood is slightly up and down or there is an element of confusion surrounding your emotions.

This is a normal as humans to feel so know that there is nothing wrong with this. If we can look at the positive around this we can lean into them as we do need these emotions to come up so we can then navigate towards the best possible cause of action. We all have feminine and masculine energy regardless of our gender. The right side is our masculine and the left side is our feminine. Sometimes when we feel this is out of balance it can be because our feminine and masculine energies are not working together in unity or we just need to give them a little bit of comfort and recognition for all they do for us.

A simple balancing mediation will help you with this. You can practice what we did in any moment in time to help you re connect, balance and align your feminine and masculine energies.


We all have inner feminine and masculine energies. They are not gender based they are are energies that represent parts of our emotion and logical action in life.


The feminine energy is our left side of our body. This energy is our emotional energy. It represents the following:

  • flexible
  • healing
  • patience
  • intuition
  • wisdom
  • nurturing
  • emotional
  • expression
  • creativity
  • pleasure


The masculine energy is our right side of our body. This energy is our logical action energy. It represents the following:

  • logic
  • reason
  • divine
  • action
  • loyalty
  • survival
  • rational
  • strength
  • adventure
  • Leadership
  • protection


The benefits of this meditation will vary from person to person. They will also vary from moment to moment depending on what you may personally be facing at the time in your life that you do the practice. 

The meditation will benefit you:

  • relaxation
  • de stress
  • deeper connection to yourself
  • deeper understanding of yourself
  • help shape a positive mindset
  • set you free from emotional baggage
  • gain wisdom and knowledge
  • help with your self love and worthiness
  • help with self forgiveness
  • help with outer relationships
  • help with a more safe and trust in relationship with yourself
  • connect you to your purpose
  • open your perspective on life
  • give you more confidence from within
  • help nourish your mind body and soul
  • help boost your immune system 
  • help with mind clarity 
  • help to ground you 
  • help to relax your nervous system

When you are connected to our energies and you understand them on a deeper level. This enables you to live from your authentic powerful divine soul essence. It means that you step forward from a higher purpose and therefore life can have a more positive light outcome.


You can do this meditation when you feel most comfortable. Make sure you are snuggly, warm and feel safe in a rested quiet space. Please read over the step by step details on the download guide to get the best out of your practice. 

I recommend doing this once a month to keep in check with your inner energies.

i also recommend doing this if or when you are feeling, confused, scatty, indecisive, frustrated, disconnected and feeling a bit unsteady. It will help you bring yourself back into your wholeness. 

However, there is no right or wrong time to do this. Try to follow and trust yourself. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.Please enter a valid email address where your download will be sent.


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Love and blessings




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