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Connect to your higher self + embody self love

Connect to your higher self + embody self love

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This is a A powerful meditation, recorded and channelled by myself in the present moment, this recording has not been read off paper it is the original channeled meditation.

This meditation is designed and recorded to connect you to your higher self and to ultimately over time deepen the desire and love you have for yourself in all of your phases and all of your stages.

Learning to connect to your higher self and doing this meditation consistently it will help you to start to open up your heart space and begin to love yourself.

It also comes with powerful journal and meditation prep in order for you to truly connect to your higher self. 

This will take time and patience and may be hard to grasp at first. the key is to stick at it and even if you open your connection just 1% more, then that is still a fundamental shift in your self love vibration. 

HOW LONG IS THE MEDITATION? The meditation is only 15minutes long.

WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO DO THIS MEDITATION? You can do this meditation when you feel most comfortable. Make sure you are snuggly, warm and feel safe in a rested quiet space. However, there is no right or wrong time to do this. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.Please enter a valid email address where your download will be sent.

WHAT TO DO NEXT? Simply add this to checkout continue to checkout. Once you have completed the investment, the download will appear once you complete your purchase please press “download” this will download the full guide which is needed for the session.

Please read through the full download as by doing so you will be notified of what you need for the session and your waiver form. 

Please also check your junk mail. 

Love and blessings 


Disclaimer: Meditations and ascension guides are not a substitute for medical attention. Please seek out formal medical help if you need it from a professional doctor. Please note By downloading this guide you are agreeing to the waiver from provided for you on the website and the download.


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