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The Divine Cycle Spring week meditation

The Divine Cycle Spring week meditation

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Introducing The Rose Of Life Divine Cycle meditation.

This is a A powerful divine feminine meditation recorded and channelled by myself in the present moment in the beautiful spring energies. This recording has not been read off paper it is the original channeled meditation.

This meditation connects you to your womb and monthly cycle Spring week.  It invites you to Go back into sacred relationship with your soul and you awaken your divine feminine energy.

The womb is where you energetically create everything from including desires, pleasure, joy, finance, romance, health, abundance, life force prana energy, intuition, wisdom and much more.

Learning to connect to your womb and monthly cycle is the most powerful sacred cycle to connect with. And, The Divine Cycle meditation makes this easy for you. 

Connect to the most powerful force of nature on this planet…Yourself. 


We are all initiated by a woman, the mother.We are created within the womb and then we come to life.

That is the most powerful force of nature on this planet.So when you connect deeply into your womb space you go back into sacred relationship with your soul and you awaken your divine feminine energy.

However, we have not been taught how or why we should do this, instead we have been taught to disconnect from it. This meditation gives you a simple step forward in the right direction that you get to keep for life. 


This meditation will have a great impact on you in many ways if you are consistent with practicing this on your monthly bleed days. If you don’t bleed then practicing it at a time that feels good for you approx 2 weeks after ovulation. 

Your monthly bleed is a time to let go, shred, cleanse and release anything that is no longer serving you a higher purpose.

This is a very powerful practice helping you heal your wounded feminine and and igniting your healthy feminine energy.

Allowing yourself to take time to feel into this self love practice will benefit you with some of the following:

  • Helps with balance
  • Helps with new awareness
  • Helps with focus
  • Helps with gratitude
  • Increases intuition
  • Connects you back to your inner sweet essence
  • Connects you back to your soul
  • Expands your connection to Mother Earth
  • Promotes grounding, stability
  • Enhances your spiritual connection
  • Awakens your senses
  • Helps with acceptance
  • Encourages higher perspective
  • Promotes self love
  • Helps soothe anxiety & over thinking
  • Helps soothe cramps & headaches
  • Helps with letting go of negativity
  • Helps with bloating & fluid retention
  • Helps with joint and muscle pain
  • Helps with acne
  • Helps with soothing emotions
  • Promotes healthy relationships
  • Ignites the pleasure of life
  • Boosts creativity Promotes fertility


A monthly cycle is so much more than a period or bleed. As a woman you have 'seasons' to your month. Just like Mother Earth has seasons - each season represents something different. 

Your Spring week is the week that comes after your bleed week, this represents vulnerability, re birth, softness, fertility, kindness, gentleness, strength, magic + breakthroughs.

The Spring is such a delicate beautiful time. it is where everything has emerged from the darker colder seasons. It is where we see colour again for the first time. We smell the sweetness of the flowers and the bees start to pollinate.

We experience the duality in weather. This is where animals give birth to their young. We celebrate beltane (fertility).This is a special magical, delicate time. When you come into unionship with the seasons and the divine connection with Mother Earth and your womb space, you come to realise and feel deeply that this is also representing yourself in this moment.

The most powerful and magical thing about connecting to your monthly cycle is that it unlocks your power to experience all seasons all year round. That is magical!


  • Connecting to your womb space.
  • Letting go.
  • Honouring respecting & nurturing your womb space.
  • Connecting to your Mother energy
  • Igniting & activating your womb space.
  • Connecting your womb to your heart.
  • Empowerment.
  • Manifestation.


Yes! Of course you can. You can take part in this meditation if you do or do not have a womb or a bleed.

The energy around your womb space also known as the sacral chakra is still very much active and still needs regular connection, cleansing, nurturing and activation.

 If you are undecided when you are able to do this meditation as you do not have a bleed to track your 'winter week' (your bleed week) then you can start by creating a journal or using an app such as 'clue' app to track your emotions and habits.

Over time this will indicate where you would most likely be on your bleed week giving you more insight as to when you can do this meditation.


The meditation is only 20 minutes long.


You can do this meditation when you feel most comfortable. Make sure you are snuggly, warm and feel safe in a rested quiet space.

If you have cramps, muscle pains or headaches  then it will require you to motivate yourself to do it, as hard as it may be it is so worth it and they will ease. Therefore i would suggest as soon as you wake up in the morning.

However, there is no right or wrong time to do this. This has been done in the middle of the night to ease cramps and sleeplessness. Its a great go-to meditation to get you through your winter week and help you start to appreciate it and understand it more than fear it. 

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Love and blessings



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