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Divine masculine energy heart healing meditation

Divine masculine energy heart healing meditation

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This is a unique channelled guided meditation into the inner divine masculine heart bond and harnessing divine feminine trust through the heart of the masculine. 

We all have feminine and masculine energy within us regardless of our gender.

The divine feminine represents deep passionate flowing emotion.

The divine masculine represents heart lead leadership.

This meditation is designed to guide you deep into your inner truth to help you heal and expand your heart and self trust. 

You hold the key to explore the depths of your inner feminine and masculine union. To witness them. To be with them. To give them permission to be seen heard and loved. 


"I noticed how much resistance i held in allowing even my own divine masculine into my heart space. It gave me a huge insight into how men may feel around their own hearts and women's, and something that truly did not settle for me until i felt it myself. Compassion levels rising. I realise as a divine union is one of my strongest desires that i have to put in the work to understand both sides, because it takes both sides. Healing my own masculine and reaching inner union has been huge for me. I would argue it's completely nonnegotiable for any woman who wants to be in a relationship. I would highly recommend this meditation and seeing what comes up for you". Jesse Gantt

"I have come back to this meditation many times when i have felt like i was unable to trust. Opening up my heart and allowing my inner masculine to be seen, heard and loved has really helped my feminine to relax and surrender into knowing i am safe. Thank you for this meditation and bringing this into the world and helping healing us". Sasha 


You can do this meditation when you feel most comfortable. Make sure you are snuggly, warm and feel safe in a rested quiet space. Please read over the step by step details on the download guide to get the best out of your practice. 

I recommend doing this once a month to keep in check with your inner energies.However, there is no right or wrong time to do this. Try to follow and trust yourself. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.Please enter a valid email address where your download will be sent.


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Love and blessings



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