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Divine feminine energy healing + transformation

Divine feminine energy healing + transformation

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Are you ready to connect with your divine feminine energy on a deeper + safer level?

Is there part of you that is craving more love, connection + trust?

Have you just had enough of feeling disconnected, stressed, confused + constantly chasing for something to fulfil your life?

Do you want to learn more about your feminine energy so you can start to move forward in a more aligned confident feminine frequency?

If so then this session is a great place to start!

This 60 minute dive into the divine feminine is a soft yet powerful session that is designed + guided to expand your feminine frequency. 

This simple practice requires you to be guided by myself as we move you through any blockages that are perhaps stopping you from accessing your higher feminine energy levels.

What do we do in the session?

We start with very simple guided meditation designed to relax your body, your mind and your nervous system.

We connect to divine goddess's to help your goddess codes to come back online. 

I teach you about the feminine energy + how you can start to connect with it.

We end the session with a powerful feminine energy transformation technique where i guide you every step of the way to meet your feminine.

This beautiful offering has helped 100's of women + it is something that you will always remember + you can do at any time in your life.

You will receive a free welcome kit + a free integration guide after the session takes place. 

Who can do this session?

We all embody feminine and masculine energy so this is therefore designed for any gender from age 16+. 

Do i have to be spiritual to do this?

No, not at all. Anyone can do this this session with me. You may be a complete beginner at this or you may be deep into your spiritual path but you would like some outside help. 

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