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Grounding meditation

Grounding meditation

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This guided grounding meditation is simply divine. Channeled with Mother Earth frequencies it is designed to help you relax, de stress and ground your energy.

Why is grounding so important?

Grounding is one of the most crucial parts to living a life that is serving you and your highest timeline. It creates solid foundations, stability, comfort, support, security and direction aligned with your higher good and is also linked to your root chakra energy centre.

Grounding and connecting to mother earth allows you to connect to her hidden guidance and power. she plays such an important roll in your life from breathing, holding you up, feeding you , watering you and energising you with her vast deep wisdom.

By doing this simple grounding technique and connecting to the divine mother regularly, it will enable to strengthen your roots and overall growth and prosperity. It will help with that connection that binds you to her and everything she so generously provides for you.

A number one boundary i implemented into my spiritual growth from day one and over the years is that you must always ground before you learn how to ascend. Why? Because if your core foundations and connections to Mother Earth and your root chakra are not strong enough or if they are not balanced or regularly nourished, you may find that you feel weak, unstable and unsupported in moments of your life that bring you divine challenge.

It is not only in a challenge this may happen, but what a lot of people who are spiritually ascending may not be aware of is that when you ascend it can also create new perspective, awareness, emotions, relationships and new realities that firmly requires stable roots in order to feel manageable and remain integrated.

Just Like a tree their roots must remain deep and connected with mother Earth for them to stand tall healthy and strong. in the depths of winter, in the rain, and wind or in sand storms she manages because her roots are strong and firm and when the tree is thriving it provides water, food, shelter, and clear oxygen.

How often shall i do this meditation?

So the core focus here is to practice your grounding as much as you can, this will be very important for your spiritual and human growth. I recommend listening to this once a day until you can do this on your own.

I hope you enjoy this meditation. 

What to do next?

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Love and blessings



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