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Inner Worthiness Aura spray

Inner Worthiness Aura spray

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This is my hand made Inner Worthiness aura spray!

This spray was made from a place that will help you develop your inner confidence, courage and ultimately your own self worth.

•Enhances confidence 
•Courage energy activation
•Infuses the Heart chakra
•Ignites the solar plexus & increases self worth 
•Boosts the sacral chakra (pleasure chakra)
•Promotes excitement as well as courage
•Boosts the bio chemical field.
•Helps with somatic channels (energy flow)
•Made in a sacred space
•Holds frequency from plant oils
•Made with sacred geometry
•Made with sacred frequency sounds
•All natural
•Re-usable glass bottle

Great for spraying in the morning & before bed.
Great for meditation or any spiritual healing or manifestation practice but especially self love practices.

Great for those of you who do healing work for your clients and sacred space.

Also wonderful for if you are feeling as though you would like a boost of confidence and most importantly a reminder that you are worthy! 

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