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Lemuria Aura spray

Lemuria Aura spray

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This is my hand made Lemuria aura spray. 

I made this spray through channeling through ancient wisdom healing and knowledge of Lemuria. 

What is Lemuria?

Lemuria is known to be  a continent where heaven and paradise was a place on Earth. Rebecca Campell states: The Lemurians are thought of as a peaceful, highly intelligent race of people that existed millions of years ago. In Lemuria, life worked in harmony, all beings were seen as equal and we were deeply reverent to Mother Earth. 

Lemurian is known as a Starseed collective. I have had many memories from a past life in Lemuria, i also have many feelings in my body and quite often i am taken back to Lemuria in meditation practice. 

When i was creating this spray all i was simply guided to channel through wisdom and knowledge so that anyone who uses this spray can start to consciously activate their Lemurian energy, dna and begin to tap into the hidden realms of this paradise.

There is so much we hold inside of our cells from Lemuria that can help us lead more peaceful, joyful, compassionate, loving and joyful lives. That can help us create and cultivate paradise, divine syncs, loving relationships, Mother earth bonding and even help us access our deeper inner spiritual connections, especially with our spirit teams and guides.

Rebecca Campbell explains: The beings of Lemuria had special gifts. All were healers. All were team-orientated and focused on one love. A soul family type vibe. We were shapeshifters with an ability to change form, were able to use telepathy, and could also move in a similar way to whales, dolphins and birds, both on the land, through the air and the water.

She continues to explain...

It is thought that the Lemurian's became the shamans and healers of the globe, sharing their healing gifts and passing them on. This may be why so many of the world’s religions, lineages and healing modalities are so similar when you break them down in essence, because they came from the same place… Lemuria. Some believe that there is a Lemurian civilisation living within and underneath Mount Shasta, a volcano  in California

This spray is a unique aura spray created for the following:

•Enhances spiritual connection

•Lemurian wisdom + knowledge 
•Cleanses, heals + Infuses all chakaras 
•Ignites rainbow ray aura 
•Boosts the third eye 
•Promotes paradise, harmony and peace  
•Boosts the bio chemical field.
•Helps with somatic channels (energy flow)
•Made in a sacred space
•Holds frequency from plant oils
•The Rose oil linked to Venus
•Made with sacred geometry
•Made with sacred frequency sounds
•All natural
•Re-usable glass bottle

Great for spraying in the morning & before bed.
Great for meditation or any spiritual healing or manifestation practice but especially for practices designed to promote more intuition and spiritual connection.

Great for those of you who do healing work for your clients and sacred space.

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