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Soul activation (masterclass recording)

Soul activation (masterclass recording)

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We are currently in one of the the biggest energetic shifts in humanity.

A shift many have been waiting for, the shift of new earth and high energy activation with the solar flares up until easter Sunday and we have a choice in how we want to move with this energy.

As we make our way through this portal of energy we are asked who do we want to become?

What does our soul deeply desire?

What energy is no longer yours to carry?

It is now the time to get close with your soul.

This is an online activation quantum  recording session.

This session will be about 2 hours long and i will put a trigger warning on it because we are going to be going quantum shift level.

It's going to be a session that is going to require you to get really present with yourself and honest.

It will require you to share as we move through the session as will all be clearing and activating.

 Most importantly are you READY to activate your higher frequency that new earth can hold for you!?!

To ground it into the new frequencies of new Earth?

If you feel the calling and your ready for a cellular shift to bring through the codes then certainly join!

Once purchased please email me and i will send the recording link (please enter your email at checkout)

I am so so excited for you!

Love and blessings

Grace 🌹

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