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Metatron meditation 11/11

Metatron meditation 11/11

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Welcome to this Guided Metatron meditation on this amazing 11/11 portal!

  • Date: 11/11/22
  • Time: 7-7.45pm uk time 
  • Level: no level

If you connect or see the number 11.11 then this is your angel message!

If you begin experiencing repetitive sightings of the number 11:11 there is a good chance Metatron is trying to get your attention. He may be bringing your attention to your higher calling, connection or purpose. He may be answering your questions about ascension and if you are on your awakening path. 11:11 is the most powerful of the master numbers and known as the DNA activation code for the ascension process.

Metatron’s traits are that of an ultra-high vibrational frequency

When you choose to work with Metatron, prepare for vibrational ascension. Through light work + energy cleansing, he can assist you in releasing what no longer serves you – physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically. He can help shift your life in ways that allow for more freedom, self-confidence + a deeper understanding of who you are within this Divine universe.

My journey with Metatron so far...

I have been working consciously with Metatron every day for 12 months now. I had seen the symbol many times before starting the direct journey with Metatron.

He has helped me through many challenges, including mental + physical strength. Metatron is amazing to call upon + work with if you are experiencing weak immune system, colds, flu or viral infections.

Our relationship has become strong, grounded + beautiful. 

I am being powerfully guided to share this healing, technique + wisdom with as many people as possible!

What is involved?

  • A very simple easy meditation
  • Learn about Metatron + Metatrons cube
  • Connect to Metatron
  • Connect to Metatrons cube
  • Learn a simple powerful technique

I will be guiding you through a beautiful transformative guided meditation journey on how to connect + work with Archangel Metatron + Metatrons cube. I will be guiding you through a powerful technique that you can continue to work with in your own time and space once this session is complete.

This is FREE session! 

However donations are welcome + if you would like to buy me a coffee to help me with my heart lead service then the link is here

What to do next:

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Love + Blessings

Grace xxx


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