Morning guided meditation - with power portal planner

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This meditation is a powerful way to begin your day. Guiding you to connect to your confidence + inner power + with juicy divine power portal planner!

Rather than letting the outside world shape your day. What if you said YES to creating a high frequency portal to shape yourself? What if you said YES to choosing you?


A daily divine portal planner is a great way to create a powerful system that works for you as a divine powerful individual.

Your day is your power portal + you get the choice to choose to live from the moment you wake up + breathe. Your breath is your divine key to life + you have a choice to breathe every day from your essence. Remember with every breath you take you are chosen.

I invite you to see your day as a portal of high divine feminine + masculine frequency energy that you can walk + move in. This is your very own portal + no one else has this same portal of energy other than you.

That means you get a chance to be confidently + powerfully flexible. You get a chance every day to choose what + who enters your daily portal.

You can fit your working hours in this portal that is providing you with financial abundance. You can fit your pleasures in this portal that increases your joy + happiness + your nourishment requirements to boost your health.


  • Helps energise 
  • Awakens the mind
  • Creates amplified inner confidence
  • Promotes balance 
  • Increases happy hormones
  • Taps into your own inner light
  • Promotes better sleep patterns
  • Decreases stress + anxiety
  • Increases organisation skills + planning in balance
  • Promotes healthy structure