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My little book of sacred affirmations

My little book of sacred affirmations

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Hey all, 

I recently asked if you would all like to have a look into some of my most profound and transforming affirmations that i have used along my spiritual and healing journey so far.

Some of them are really close to my heart and sharing these is like sharing a part of me with you, being vulnerable and letting go.

There would have been a time i would have kept them to myself because they highlight some of my darkest most challenging moments.

For some reason it came to me that i wanted to share more with you and as i thought more about it i realised that sharing the with you i hope will help you realise that we are all human regardless of our job role, spiritual path, gender, age sexuality, past and everything that makes us who we are.

You all said 'yes please share' so here you go!

I have made a free downloadable book of my sacred affirmations for you to read,keep, use, feel into and most importantly connect to.

The download will be sent to you email Please check junk mail.

I hope that they serve you well.

Love and blessings

Grace xx


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