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Mystic Within - spiritual course (1-2-1)

Mystic Within - spiritual course (1-2-1)

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Welcome to the Mystic Within... a 6 week 1-2-1 spiritual growth and self love course

I know you have a deeper calling, a longing, something deep inside you that is ready to shine. YES! Your inner mystic is ready to be chosen + heard + felt + loved + activated by you!

This mentorship course has been designed and developed over the years to help you to lean into + open the map of your own unique soul blueprint. The map of your own creation here on earth, the map that most of us have been taught is too far out of reach.


This course has been designed and developed over the past 4 years. When my 3 angels guides visited me in 2017 they showed me the techniques of healing and spiritual connection that i teach in this course.

This is so special to me because the divine feminine mystic energy is so important to tap into but it was also a huge part to play in my life. It helped me move out of depression, anxiety and living life i felt completely alone and trapped in.

It helped me with my boundaries and seeing life from a new perspective. It re ignited a flame i knew i was born with that had been put out for far too long.

I had a deeper longing for more, i had gotten used to seeking outside of myself for temporary highs + i was not taking ownership of myself. I was not in my power whilst my mystic flame was out. I knew i was born to do more + so i went on a quest to find myself. 

I want to help women step into their divine feminine mystic power and teach the importance of self devotion. Stepping into your spiritual mystic divine feminine energy is one of the deepest acts of self love you can do for yourself.

I knew i had to share this with people. The tools that have helped me survive and that still help me through my life challenges and through my liberating moments!


The mystic within envelopes you with nourishment, stability, guidance and helps you understand develop and most importantly love your own inner mystic essence.

This course gives you permission to tap into + magnify that inner beauty of the mystic vibration within you. So you are able to unravel hidden wisdom + knowledge. Increasing self love, worthiness, confidence + your ability to upgrade your soul essence.

How good is it to know that you are finally safe to express, to trust your light + intuition that resides within you?!

This is an opportunity to give your mind, body + soul freedom to dance + weave with the mysteries + intelligence of the quantum universe. A container that holds you in a safe space to bring your inner mystic energy forward. So you can activate it, own it, practice connecting with it + to embody it into the deep depths of your sacred soul knowing.

Step into the frequencies of the divine feminine + masculine energies within you that will take you on a journey of inner balance + deeper knowing.

The tools + techniques you will learn in this course are shaped for you to apply not only to your spiritual life but your everyday life. Built to guide you to create safe stable spiritual foundations so you have more courage + wisdom to grow, elevate + connect to the infinite power that lives within you.

Welcome mystic, you have arrived!


  • A safe place to explore + express.
  • A place where you are fully accepted for who you are.
  • A place where your emotions are seen + fully heard.
  • A space of non-judgement.
  • A place that does not hold your past against you.
  • A connection that encourages self worth + self acceptance.
  • A transformation that takes you from fear to feminine freedom.
  • A bond that gives space to heal from past life mystic trauma.
  • A creation of your own unique spiritual gifts.
  • A transition from fear into personal power.
  • A space to unlock your inner wisdom + mystic abilities.
  • A chance to set yourself free from spiritual fear.
  • A transition from self doubt to trust + spiritual confidence.
  • A step into intuitive security.
  • A pathway to nourishment + pleasure.
  • A journey to self awareness + higher vision.


You will learn 6 unique spiritual practices in our 6 live sessions that i believe are the foundations of spiritual growth. These techniques will help you through your life and are essential if you are a spiritual teacher, healer, coach or you are looking to embark on a deeper healing journey. They will stay with you for life.

Not only will you get to learn, you also get the experience of each of these as i guide you through each technique so you can receive the healing and activation yourself throughout the course.

All sessions are recorded and saved. You will have access to your session guide along with deepening work that will require regular attention such as: meditations journaling creations spiritual connection techniques mystic techniques research This spiritual deepening work is all designed to help you on this journey.


If you are ready to take this amazing step forward I look forward to our journey together you can make the full investment by simply adding this to cart and proceeding to check out! 


I do offer payment plans if this is what you would like to do then please simply email me and i will send you the details :)

Love and blessings

Grace xxx


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