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1-2-1 personalised meditation session

1-2-1 personalised meditation session

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I am available for one to one 45 minute personalised meditation bookings online or face to face.

FREE 15 minute consultation when you book just simply email me once you have invested in your session. 

What does personalised meditation mean?

This is where in our consultation i will discuss with you what intentions you have for the session and use my ability to connect with your energy and aura to proceed with a positive direction forward for you.

You may want some healing, balance, cleansing, you may want to simply learn how to meditate or just be guided by someone like myself regularly to create more relaxation and balance in your life.

Even if you are not clear on what it is you want but you feel drawn to me then i can rest your mind and soul because as a channeling meditation practitioner i am able to guide the meditation with you to help you in whatever you need in that now moment without you even needing to think or worry about it.

This is a unique practice that i have the ability to carry out through the connection to my pysche that will in turn guide me with my client (you)!

There is no right or wrong. I can assure you that you will benefit from my one to one meditation sessions.

Once you book a session with me you will receive an email with a download that has all the details of how to contact me to book in a date and time.

If you have any more questions please feel free to email me on

Once you have booked this session please do check your emails, including your junk mail.

Blessings to you.


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