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Opening and closing your space prayer

Opening and closing your space prayer

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Hey tribe!

I have put together my 'Rose Of Life' opening and closing spiritual prayer. Infused with love, light and ancient wisdom.

Why having an opening + closing prayer is so important to me and my work.


A lot of you already know how long I have been praying for + how opening my space is so important + powerful for me + my clients.

So why do I do this? Opening up your channel in the morning before your day starts is simply how you can connect to the universe + Father Sky + Mother Earth. Plus your own spirit team.

It allows you to set your own unique channel of energy that helps you move through your day. Think of it as like a clear ,flowing stream of water.

This was always strongly reinforced to me whilst I started to go into deeper into my meditation practices as my connection is very open + strong. So I have always done this before meditating, yoga, any type of energy healing I go to or anything I do that is associated to my spiritual work.

Therefore, it is something I feel is very important to make people aware of because this is how you CAN tap into your divine connection clearly + in deep trust.


It is always very important that we open+close our space before we dive into any form of meditation, journeying or spiritual practice where we may be connecting to the universe or higher source energy +guidance.

Why? Because when we consent to go into spiritual connection + realms alone or with others then having clear spiritual boundaries helps you navigate you on YOUR journey at that time.

It also helps you pick up on YOUR connection +not confusing it with others around you.PLUS it helps you be in YOUR power which in turn will help you stop absorbing anyone or anything else’s energy around you that you simply don’t need.

This is not a protection or block this is a spiritual boundary. Just like if we are at home we do not leave our front + back doors to our homes or living space wide open all the time. We have boundaries right!?

I invite you to stay consistent with your practice this way you will eventually learn your prayer by memory + by learning your prayer by memory will connect you more frequently+ show your commitment + loyalty to yourself + the universe.

Once you are comfortable i invite you to create your own prayer that feels good and aligned for you!



  • The prayer itself
  • Information about spiritual practices
  • Step by step guide on how + when to say the prayer

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Love and blessings



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