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Letting go & forgiveness healing session

Letting go & forgiveness healing session

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Do you feel like it is time now to let go of something or someone? A situation? A habit holding you back? or even forgive yourself? Are you feeling like you are attracting the same people & the same toxic cycles? Or over giving and people pleasing? 

As humans this is very normal and we can get to a point where we are just fed up with the same cycles. Our external world is a reflection of our inner world so its always great to reflect and ask yourself ...

Do you feel like its time to make space for new self love, self growth , energy, finance, love, support, help, opportunities and people to enter your life?

It is important for me to point out is powerful to recognise anything holding you back from living the life you want and deserve and also forgiving yourself or others for things that have happened or things you couldn't control.

If anything popped up for you reading this.Do you trust your intuition and resonance? Will you follow it with courage? ...

There are times where we have to take a step forward and invest in our inner worthiness & peace, its all about balance.

So I am pleased to offer this safe comfortable letting go and forgiveness ascension sacred ceremony.

What does the ceremony include?

Aura cleanse

Letting go 
Divine soul-balance 
Soulful expression 
Deeper self love connection
More clarity on your higher purpose  
Deeper self trust connection
Creating new space 
Old energy release 
Guided Meditations 
Raise your vibration & elevate you

powerful practical techniques

Who can do this ceremony?

My sacred space is open to men and women age 16+. I welcome in those who are new to spiritual practice and you do not have to have done anything like this before and also those who need some extra guidance and support.

How long does the ceremony last?

This is a 2 -2.half hour face to face or online session.

What do I need?

You will receive a welcome kit for the session prior to your booking date this has everything you need to know pre and post the ceremony. 

I have some more questions about the ceremony, how do I contact you to find out more?

You can contact me by simply emailing me and I will arrange a free consultation call with you :)

If you go ahead and book your ceremony please enter your correct email address as your next steps will be sent to you on a download. 

Love and light 

Grace & Rose of life

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