Rose of Life Scared womb rites ceremony

Rose of Life Scared womb rites ceremony

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Hi all and welcome to my website.

I am happy to announce that i completed my Rite of the Womb - 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki.

What is the womb rites?

This is a contemporary ritual, birthed into being by Marcela Lobos.

The Munay-Ki are a series of rituals. A medicine woman initiated in the healing and spiritual traditions.

What does it do and why is it so sacred?

This transformative sacred practice in particular helps clear and cleanse your womb through sacred practice which is where we hold the creation of life - in many forms of course.

Women and men have energetic womb. However this is predominantly focused around women and it is at the discretion and guidance of the practitioner to offer this rite to a male. As the male must be living in his full divine masculine energy & power.

It also helps clear 7 generations behind you helping your ancestors release pain and not to mention helping heal humanity and the collective today, along with your 7 future generations to come.

This transformative sacred practice in particular helps clear and cleanse your womb through sacred practice which is where we hold the creation of life - in many forms of course

Cleansing the womb of 7 generations behind and 7 in front.
Cleansing the womb of any past sexual energy exchange.
Cleansing the womb of pain, shame, guilt, hurt, sadness, stagnant energy or any personal fears.

This will also help you connect to your divine purpose, your physical and emotional body. It will help you with fertility, confidence, inner balance, and your monthly cycle.

By investing in this you are stepping forward into new fresh energy, space for creation, fertility and wholeness.

Your womb is your sacred space stand tall and courageous within it and illuminate your unique power and energy as the goddess you came here on Earth to be.

Can i take this if i no longer have a womb?

Yes f course you can. You can take this ceremony if you fo or do not have a womb, this scared practice will still help with the energy around your womb area.


The full ceremony includes:

-Full aura cleanse.

-Full chakra cleanse, balance & activation.

-Full womb cleanse, balance & activation.

-Grounding meditation.

-Womb healing meditation.

-Inner wound healing.

-Sacred ritual.

-Practical technique.

-Cord cutting 

- Sacred initiation & integration Affirmations 

-Certification of participation and receivership of the 13th rite

-level : no level 

-age 18+


-Based in Manchester

What will i need for the ceremony?

Everything is provided for you for the ceremony including crystals, roses candles and scared practice tools.

I will also provide you with a free pre guide to follow 3 days before the ceremony takes place and a free grounding meditation.

Dates and bookings:

From August i will be offering a full womb ceremony where you will also receive the 13 rite from myself.

So once you have pre booked and purchased your ceremony here you will receive a download document with the details to book in your ceremony date.

If you would like to book this experience with a friend please see the Rose of Life joint womb rite ceremony.

It is honestly one of the most beautiful ceremonies i have ever done. I cant wait to be helping heal cleanse and transform people through this ritual practice.

“The womb is not a place to store fear or pain.
The womb is to create and give birth to new life.”

Love and blessings

Grace x