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Sacred Space Workshop

Sacred Space Workshop

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Welcome to this months brand new online workshop... SACRED SPACE!

In this 90 minute workshop is fun, exciting and creative. We are going to be exploring how you can expand and magnetise your own energy frequency and the energy in your home, work space and even in your car!

You will learn how to create sacred space in your home with feng shui, sacred alters, prayer activations, matras, mudras, crystals and more.

You will explore how to powerfully create chi energy flow through your house to magnetise more love, health, wealth and peace into your life.

What you will need for the session: Yourself and a note pad and pen!

Date and time (zoom): 20th Aug 7-8.30pm 

Who can join? You do not have to have done anything like this before. This is for anyone who is looking to increase and develop their spiritual practice and learn how to energise.

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Love and blessings Grace xxx

Disclaimer: this is not a replacement for medicine. You agree to the terms and conditions by purchasing this workshop.

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