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Sisterhood group walk 23rd Sep (Joe Dispenza walk meditation)

Sisterhood group walk 23rd Sep (Joe Dispenza walk meditation)

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Welcome to the sisterhood Spring group walk!

This special day we will be joining thousands of people over the world walking with Joe Dispenza!

23rd July 2023 | 10.30am | Alderley Edge (specific location details sent once booked for privacy reasons) 

approx 3 hours and an option to stay for hot drinks and cakes at the tea room

We have decided to invite you on a beautiful walk with us to come together in sisterhood.

This isn't just any average walk, this is a MAGICAL ONE! A safe sisterhood community with hosts including myself Sasha + Daisy that have experience with safe sisterhood space, wellness + spirituality. 

A place you can meet new like minded women, explore nature and connect to each other in new refreshing and liberating ways.

We will be connecting to each other with divine feminine heart opening rituals and opening up to each other in ways that will help you expand your heart, your trust and your life. 

Our intention is that you will leave this space full of love and support from sisters that you have been waiting to meet your entire life.

Come along with friends or come alone, either way you are held and loved with us!

All we ask is a small donation of £3.

The walk is around 15 minutes to the sacred water and it is not a challenging walk. However please ask for professional medical advice if you have any concerns or questions. 

WHAT TO DO NEXT: You will receive an email once you have gone through checkout with all the details including whatsapp group number and location address!

We are so excited to see you there! 

Lots of love Grace + Sasha + Daisy!


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