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Guided reading

Guided reading

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To connect with your higher timelines for spiritual guidance? Is there part of you that is ready to receive higher guidance on a situation or a person in your life?

Have you just had enough of feeling confused, stuck + you simply would like to ask the universe for higher support?

Do you have specific questions you would like higher guidance with to help you move through this stage of your life? So you can start to move forward from a more aligned and confident place?

If so then this is a calling for your spiritual higher guidance can come through at a time in your life when you are willing and open to receiving it.


This is an over the phone or video card reading session where i use my intuitive and psychic skill set for a spiritual card reading. I use my clairvoyance abilities to call in any messages from your higher self, spirit guides, past loved ones and so on.

I work with many spiritually connected modalities including the rose healing, Magdalene healing, shamanic healing and angel guidance to enable a powerful reading session to unfold and transform.

This card reading is not a tarot reading, it is a reading based on the now present moment for higher guidance. A sacred session online or face to face where i use my intuition clairvoyance and tap into my psyche for a spiritual card reading.


This intuitive card reading is great for those of you who are perhaps being faced with the following:

  • Stuck at crossroads
  • Have questions about a particular situation / person
  • Would like some spiritual higher guidance
  • Would like some spiritual higher support
  • Would like spiritual higher confirmation
  • Would like clarity


Once you book a session with me you will receive an email with a download this has all the details of how to contact me to book in a date and time.

If you have any more questions please feel free to email me :)

Once you have booked this session please do check your emails including your junk mail.

Blessings to you.


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