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The Divine Cycle FREE masterclass

The Divine Cycle FREE masterclass

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Welcome to The Divine Cycle!

I am so grateful you followed the link and you are stepping into this journey with me.

I am inviting you to this FREE masterclass to help you with the following things:

  • Learn about the 4 divine feminine archetypes you have
  • Learn about the 4 weeks of your menstrual cycle + how that can help you build + create a more fulfilling life.
  • Dissolve negative + trapped energy
  • Re frame your belief system into positive freedom within
  • A guided healing meditation
  • Claiming your divine design!


Sunday 8th jan 2023 at 8pm


Anyone is available to join this class who feels called to do so.


Once you have added this session to your cart you will not be charged a fee. You will be asked to enter your email address where a welcome kit for this class will be available to download + sent to your email address. Pleas check your junk mail.

I am super excited to have you on this masterclass + help you understand your cycle + how powerful this can be for your life!

If you would like to buy me a coffee then here is the link:

Love and blessings

Grace xxx


This is not substitute for medical attention. Please seek out formal medical help if you need it from a professional doctor. Please note By downloading this guide you are agreeing to the waiver from provided for you on the website and the download.

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