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Welcome to my unique pleasurable healing  1-2-1 divine feminine programme.

This Programme is created for women to unravel themselves into their divine feminine essence via the power of the womb and Mary Magdalenes wisdom + healing.

Unravel Me is so special to me.

It is so unique

It is so passionate

It is sexy!

It is deeply healing

it is also fun!

It is everything i ever dreamed of creating + more!

Most importantly i know in every part of my being + deep in my womb + heart that this will change the lives of many women.


This is a free download that leads you into the Unravel me power portal for you to get the chance to experience my journey + what this programme will help you with.

It has unread insight to my own personal healing journey around my womb, sex, relationship's, addiction, self love + worthiness.

There are journal prompts throughout this guide to help you start to unlock + connect back to yourself. 

This guide is designed so you can feel into the magic of this programme in order for you to decide if you are ready to devote yourself.


This is for the women who is really F**king ready to reclaim herself + devote herself on an unraveling path of more safe, passionate, healing, worthy, trusting + desirable life!


Simply download the free guide by adding this to your cart + proceeding to checkout.Please make sure you enter your email address as this is the email address that your download will be sent to.

On the download there are more details on how to contact me to discuss any questions you have. 

I am here to, guide you. Hold you. Hear you. See you + accept you. Love and blessings 

Love + Blessings 

Grace xxx