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Unravel Me - e book

Unravel Me - e book

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My signature unique divine feminine womb healing embodiment programme

I am so excited to release my signature healing and transformation programme. If someone had told me it would take 9 months to create and birth i would have thought “wow, that is so long!”

However, as a divine feminine Magdalene womb healer i am connected to what i birth and the patience and nourishment it requires to develop authentically and naturally.

It takes 9 months to birth a child and i see this unique programme as my baby and now at the final push she is BORN!

I have created this for women to delicately unravel themselves into their divine feminine essence via the power of the womb and Mary Magdalene’s wisdom + healing.

This program is SO special to me.
It is so unique.
It is passionate.
It is sexy!
It is deeply healing.
It is also fun!
Its is everything i ever dreamed of creating + more.

Most importantly i know in every part of my being and deep in my womb and heart that this will change many lives of many women.

I am now talking applications and consultation calls for any women who is REALLY F**KING ready to reclaim herself and devote herself on an unraveling path of a more safe, passionate, healing, worthy, trusting and desirable life!


You can simply download this free e-book + dive into the cosmic womb!

It unravels the mysteries of Mary Magdalene + the rose. Guides you into a path of feminine self discovery.

This guide alone takes you on a sacred feminine journey that will open you up to the wisdom + healing of the rose womb healing. 

It walks you through my personal scared healing journey as well as providing you with scared feminine healing journal prompts to give you a taste of how my programme has been developed + created. 

The e-book explains:

  • What the programme will cover in our time together.
  • How i help support you
  • What healing modalities you will receive throughout the programme.
  • How the divine feminine healing transformation takes place.
  • How your unravelling process will bloom + more!!

Simply read the book in your own time and space. All of my contact details are available on the e-book for when you are ready to step into your sacred power portal!

Simply add this to your cart, proceed to checkout + please remember to enter your email address. (check junk mail)

I look forward to our journey together.

Love + blessing Grace xxx


Meditations and ascension guides + e books are not a substitute for medical attention. Please seek out formal medical help if you need it from a professional doctor. Please note By downloading this guide you are agreeing to the waiver from provided for you on the website and the download.

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