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Venus Rose guided meditation

Venus Rose guided meditation

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THE VENUS ROSE  22.10.23 
Venus the planet of love romance + transformation meets the sun tomorrow in libra for the first time in 150 years!

This guided meditation is designed and channeled for you to connect to your Venus rose codes + comes with a free guide! 

This is a once in a life time energetic shift! However, to be fully open to receive we have to prepare our mind body and soul!

Follow these steps below for a powerful activation!

Step one: Open UP!
Opening up to the magic of Venus is essential so this is a powerful day to connect to your Venusian feminine energy!

How? It’s easier than you may think!

Open up your day by getting into a juicy sensual energy frequency.

You can do this through sensual dance, essential oil body massage, self pleasure, luxurious breakfast, hot steamy shower

Step2: Connect to the magic of Venus + Create a Venusian environment

Turn ON your senses!
You can do this by lighting scented candles even in the morning! Burn incense + oil diffuser!

Once your senses are activated and your environment is set you can connect to the Venus rose codes via meditation + spiritual practice!

Step 3: Sacred scripture!

Yes, writing is scared and even more scared on days like this! So journal your emotions and feelings around the Venus blue print energies: 

Desire • Pleasure • Passion • Romance • Beauty • Sensuality • Sexuality • Purpose

Ask yourself are you experiencing them

  • Ask yourself are you experiencing them?
  • What ones you desire to experience more regularly?
  • What steps can you start to take to experience these in healthy ways?
  • By experiencing these how will it impact your life + those around you?

Step 4: dress yourself up!

Venus is the planet of beauty so it’s a perfect day to do you Make up, hair, favourite outfit even if it’s for no reason and just because you want to!This is about doing something for YOU! Do your house work in glam!Why not?!

Cook some luxurious food throughout the day! Listen to sensual jazz or sexy music you can move your hips to!

Go out and buy yourself a delicious coffee + some roses!You deserve it!


Then sit back relax and watch your divine intentions unfold in perfect timing 💓
Remember there is no right or wrong!
Enjoy your Venus activations! 

Love G🌹


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