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Winter solstice ceremony 21.12.22

Winter solstice ceremony 21.12.22

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I am so excited to announce i will be holding an online Winter Solstice ceremony 8pm tomorrow!


I will be at the Monastery all day soaking up the codes and connecting to the divine overflowing with energy to offer out in this ceremony!

I was called to guide this ceremony with archangel Metatron. As a lot of you know i work closely with metatron and metatrons cube and he is here to assist us through this solstice energy upgrade!

What is solstice + why is this such a powerful day?

The entire universe is focused on Earth at this Solstice. This is a special day that marks the point between 2012 and 2023. 2012 was the end of the age + 2023 represents the new golden age!

The energy of the universe is coming through powerfully for universal intelligence to enter into our dimension and planet.

Universal intelligence such as archangels, stars, planets, lyra, Pleiades and many more universal frequencies and codes of light to assist our ascension process!

However, they can not help unless we ask them. So we will be connecting to the Solstice energy in order to receive knowledge, wisdom, healing whilst asking for assistance for humanity.

Session includes:

  • A safe sacred space
  • Connecting with Solstice energy
  • Connecting with Archangel Metatron
  • Guided Metatron Meditation
  • Body scan + cleanse
  • 11.11 Energy Activation
  • Global peace prayer

Where is the cermeony?

On zoom online the details will be sent to your email as son as you have made your investment!

What do do once you have made your investment?

Please check you email and junk email for your guide on the session and read through this carefully. 

Love and blessings 

Grace xxx

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